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AgMusician19's Trip To The American Girl Store - Orlando

Not too long ago, my good friends AgMusician19 and AgDucklover took a trip to the American Girl Store in Orlando! They were able to see many of the new items- including Tenney Grant's collection. ✨ AgMusician19 took some wonderful photos while she was there, and today I will be sharing them with all of you!

First, we have the main section for Tenney Grant. AgMusician19 noted that it was not very big, which is rather surprising considering that Tenney is a new and popular doll. 😳

Here is Tenney's "Big Ticket Item", her stage set! The drums are not included; they belong to Logan. 😉 This is a nice set, but the $225 is a bit expensive for just a cardboard-like background and plastic accessories. However, the amplifier really works, and has many cool features! (Take a look at them HERE)

As many of you know, this is Logan Everett- American Girl's first boy doll. In this photo you can really see how different Logan's hands are from the regular AG Dolls! I believe that he and Tenney have the same hand mold so they can hold their instruments. The two are country singers after all! ✨ 🎤 😉

Tenney looks so gorgeous in her Spotlight Outfit! The banjo is the perfect accessory, too. 😍 It actually plays little sound effects and mini songs!

This is the back of the stage. It's a nice vintage dressing room where Tenney can get ready before big shows. Sadly, the chair and vanity are plastic... Yet another decline in American Girl's quality. 😔

Next is Tenney doll herself, along with the book and accessories. Look closely, and you'll see that she can hold her mini guitar pick! Too cute! 😍

I found it interesting how most of the dolls have their heads turned to the side. I wonder if it's because of Tenney's curly ponytail?

Here we get a closer look at the new packaging that was introduced earlier this year. The doll's outfit is definitely more visible to view, but I think it looks incredibly similar to a Barbie box. 😐

Logan and his drum kit were displayed on this shelf. There doesn't appear to be too many Logan dolls, but I'm sure there were more available elsewhere in the store.

Oh, gorgeous Tenney! 😍 AgMusician19's photos have made me love her even more. 😉

In this display, Tenney's picnic outfit and accessories are being showcased.

Tenney is absolutely stunning in this outfit! And I'm surprised to see how happy this Waylon dog looks. On American Girl's website, he seemed to be so sad. 😂

The next display has Tenney modeling her pajamas with another Waylon.

The lace pattern on the gingham is so unique! I really like the country feel. 💖 And here Waylon looks like he is about to cry! Poor dog. 😥

AgMusician19 also snapped a quick photo of all the details in Julie's new bathroom! Isn't it amazing? ☺️

That concludes AgMusician19 and AgDuclover's trip to the American Girl Store in Orlando! It looks like they had a wonderful time, and special thanks to AgMusician19 for taking the photos. 😉 If you would like to be featured on Doll Days and share YOUR trip to the American Girl Store, we'd love to see it! Send the photos to to have your special trip posted on the blog. ✨

Oh, I almost forgot! Meet AgMusician19's Tenney doll! She's so gorgeous... 😍 😉

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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