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Contemporary Character Z Yang - Updates and Leaks

April is yet another exciting month for us American Girl fans- a new character is set to debut in less than two weeks! Z Yang has been the topic of many social media conversations in the past month, and now we are only two weeks away from her big debut. 🎉 (Yay!)

For any new American Girl Fans or Readers, Z Yang is a new contemporary character from American Girl debuting April 27th. She was first introduced last year in American Girl's Youtube series, Z.Crew- a show featuring "Z and her crew of friends who love making

stop-motion videos". Z.Crew quickly became a popular favorite among young filmmakers, which then led to a high request for an actual Z doll. And that leads to where we are now; patiently waiting for Z to be welcomed into the world of dolls.

Let's sum up all the leaks and knowledge we know about Z Yang so far. We've got a lot to cover today, so here we go!

First, we have photos that American Girl has shared.

While Z's meet outfit is very cute, some may notice that 3 out of the 4 clothing pieces have been used in previous American Girl outfits. Personally I don't mind, but it would have been nice to see a little more creativity in what will become Z's signature outfit.

When Z was first revealed in an AG stop motion video, there was a little striped backpack and camera in the bottom corner. These items will most likely be included in her accessories.

The camera and a new tripod set showed up again back in February during American Girl's Facebook live stream. I'm unsure whether the tripod and video camera will be a part of Z's Accessories as well, but my guess is yes.

Just a few days later, Toy Fair showcases the latest American Girl products, including Z.

The following photos are courtesy

It appears that Z will be having a desk and locker in her collection!

Wait... is that plastic? I hope that the desk turns out to be a prototype model, but most likely not. This yet another sad sign of American Girl's slowly decreasing quality. However the little computers are really cute, and I have to admit that plastic or not, I will probably end up purchasing Z's desk set. 😉

Not long after Toy Fair, the cover for Z's first book was released along with a mock cover for the 2nd book.

The Real Z (American Girl Z Yang: Book 1)

And action! Z knows what she's doing when it comes to making movies. She's an expert at stop-motion video. In this first book about the aspiring filmmaker, Z has to make a whole new kind of movie--a documentary--and it's harder than she thought. Z wants to wow the judges, but she's not sure her ideas are good enough for a film festival. With the help of her friends, Z shoots a lot of footage, but something about it doesn't feel right. Should she start over? As she tries to make a movie she can be proud of, Z discovers that to be a real filmmaker, she'll first have to be her real self.

Note: This is not the real cover for Book 2. It's just so American Girl doesn't have to spoil any new items that may be featured in the illustration. 😉

Z On Location (American Girl Z Yang: Book 2)

In her second novel, Z is thrilled to be going on the road to help her mom film a documentary. She might even get to interview her vlogging idol, Winter Costello, at VidCon! Eager to share her summer adventure with her friends and vlog fans, Z keeps her phone and camera at the ready. But she finds that working on a real film set takes more focus than she expected. When her love of connecting online threatens to ruin her chances of connecting in real life with her idol and fans, Z faces the ultimate test: Can she survive off-line and learn to #liveinthemoment?

I am constantly out of things to read, so I am really looking forward to Z's books!

Last are leaked images of Z's packaging and outfits. The following photos are courtesy of AGLove on Facebook.

I am not quite sure what to think of this... Z definitely has a style all her own! 😛

I'm beginning to wonder if AG designed Z's collection with a "mix-and-match feature" in mind. The pieces look like they could easily be swapped to create new looks, and everything fits into a similar color scheme. Oh, and try taking look in the background- there's an orange doll scooter! I absolutely love the idea of having a two foot scooter. It's different, and that way the dolls can balance without falling. 😉

Z's leaked Meet Outfit.

Now how cute is Popcorn's packaging? 😍 I know there have been complaints about the new American Girl boxes, but this is actually really cute!

On the back of the box, Popcorn is shown holding a movie clapboard toy with Z in the background. Another thing I also love about Z's packaging is the little camera frame around the box! It's perfect since Z herself is a filmmaker. 😉

UPDATE - 4/14/17 - Jen Calonita, the autjor of Z's books, recently shared a photo on Instagram of herself and Z. The caption read: Meet Z Yang, American Girl's first Korean American doll. Z's first book, which is packaged with the doll, is THE REAL Z, and I'm honored to have written about this story about the aspiring filmmaker. Joining the American Girl family is a dream come true.

UPDATE - 4/20/17 - The stock photos for Z's collection have leaked on Chapters Indigo, a Canadian Bookstore! Take a glimpse of her adorable items and accessories!

And that wraps up this post! Judging by what we saw today, Z and her world seem very exciting, and I am excited to see what else American Girl has in store for us. I will continue to update this post as more information is uncovered and photos leak, so be sure to check back!

What is your opinion on Z's collection so far?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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