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Z.Crew Photography Studio - DlY

It's time to share another doll project I've been working on...

Say hello to Z, M, and Popcorn as they welcome you to their new photography studio!✨ 📷

This was definitely one of the most fun doll projects I have ever worked on, and I am so excited to share it with you guys! Z is such a creative character, and that really inspired me as I dreamed up what the studio would be like. Overall, this big DIY took me about 1 week to complete (due to school and other events), but I love how things turned out.❤️

Today I'll be going throughout the studio and telling you the different items. Let's jump right in! 😉

First, we have the dolls. Don't Z and M just make the cutest best friends? 😉 Z belongs to my little sister, DollPandaLover. M, most commonly known around the blog as "Georgia", is DollBaker24's doll.

Z's look was inspired by an outfit she wore in one of her many videos. It consists of the Truly Me Sparkle Beanie and vest, the retired MyAG Meet shirt, Lea Clark's Hiking Pants, and a pair of silver high tops from the Recess Ready Outfit.

Smile for the camera! 📷

The background is a folding science board covered with brick scrapbook paper.

On the left side of the studio, we have Z's desk area where she can edit her photos and film vlogs. To make the desk, I painted dowel rods gold and hot glued them to cardboard covered in purple paper. Then I paired it with the Truly Me kitchen chair to finish the set. The computer is from My Life As, the camera came from Our Generation, and I made the doll sized photographs. Can you spy the easter egg (or what doesn't belong) in this photo? 😉

My Mom was shopping around and found these adorable doll-sized photo frames for the studio! 😍 I wrote one of my favorite Z.Crew quotes on black paper and decided to put it in the frame.

Z is hard at work uploading a new vlog!

Next comes my favorite part. 😊

Doll photography lights! Crafting the photography light boxes were so much fun, and it was interesting to see a real-life photography item like this on a much smaller scale. There have been a few questions about these on my Instagram, and I am going to try my best to answer them and explain how they were made. I crafted the lights using a My Froggy Stuff tutorial. Froggy is an exceptional crafter, so if you would like to make your own doll photography lights, be sure to check this video out! The lights do not actually light up on their own, but it's fun for pretend. 😉 For the blue backdrop, I taped to pieces of card stock together and pinned it to the board.

The little plants are from Hobby Lobby, my favorite craft store. 😍

On the right side of the studio, there is a dresser and makeup box that the dolls can use to get ready before a photo shoot. My Mom also found the dresser, which is from Michael's, and we painted it gold and white. The makeup box belonged to Isabelle's collection, and the shoes were included in a retired skateboard outfit.

More mini photo frames! 😍 I printed some pictures of Z and M off the internet, then scaled them to a small size so they could fit in the frame.

And of course, how could forget Z's loyal and lovable pup, Popcorn? 🐶 She plays a big role in Z's story, so we had to include her in the studio! Isn't adorable?

That concludes the tour of our Z.Crew Photography Studio! Thank you for reading, and if you have any further questions, I would love to answer them in the comments! Would you like to see Z and her crew in action? Let's see if we can drop by and catch a glimpse of what she's working on today. 😉

"Hi world! I'm Z, and I live in Seattle. Welcome to the studio! You're just in time- I'm expecting a good friend of mine in a few minutes, and together we're going to do a live photo shoot right here! In fact, I think that's her right now..."

"What's up, M!"

"Hey Z!


"Oh, hi to you too, Popcorn. I'm ready for my exclusive shoot today."

"Awesome! Put on a little makeup, then meet me at the lights."

"Ok, Strike a pose! In 3, 2, 1..." Click!

"Be sure to get my good side, Z!"

"...Aaaand that's a wrap! Thanks for modeling today, M. Wanna watch as I work on a new stop motion project?"


"Stop motion is another of the many ways that I express myself through film and photography. It's actually both combined! When making a stop motion, you move your object a teeny bit, then take a picture. Repeat this process over and over until you are finished. Once you put all the photos together, you have yourself a mini movie"

Click! Click!

*3 hours later*

"Now, time to edit! *sigh* This... could take a while."

*3 more hours later*

"The stop motion is finished and ready to be viewed by the world! I can't wait to get feedback from my fans and friends. Hearing what others have to say about my videos makes me happy, but I also like to know what I can improve for my next big film."

"Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed getting a look at what I do around here. Comeback soon! Z.Crew out!"

-Z,M, and American Girl Doll Crafter/Photographer 📸

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