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Lea's Kayak Adventure - A Photoshoot

Summer is so close! ☀️ Are you excited about the warm weather? Lea is thrilled! Being the adventurer of the doll family, she can't wait to spend more days outside. Today, follow courageous Lea and her turtle, Ginger, as the embark on a kayak adventure! 🌴

Lea uses all her strength and pushes the kayak off the shore. 💪

Rowing softly, Lea glides effortlessly on the smooth water. Will she encounter any wild animals as she floats along? Hopefully not! 😛

After her ride, Lea soaks up the sunshine and enjoys a quiet walk on the beach.

Beach hair, don't care. 😎

Of course, you can't spend the day at the beach without a picnic! 😉 Lea has really worked up her appetite after that kayak adventure.

Mmm... 😋

Be a pineapple- stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside. ✨

As the sun slowly begins to set, Lea gazes out upon the water, reflecting on what a wonderful day she had and dreaming about what her next adventure might be. 😉

Thank you for joining Lea on her afternoon at the beach! Have you ever been kayaking before? Share with us in the comments!

Fun Fact: My family has actually kayaking down this very same river ourselves! It was an extremely fun and unique experience, which also inspired me as I created this shoot. 😉 💕

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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