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BREAKING NEWS! - Perma Panties and New Boxes Are NO Longer in Production

Yes, you did read that title right! Today will mark an important day in American Girl history...

Perma Panties and New Boxes are NO longer in production! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Just this morning, American Girl announced on their Facebook page that they have had much feedback from the AG Community referring to "permapanties" and the shocking new box design released earlier this year. Due to this huge amount of feedback, they have changed their decision to transfer all dolls and boxes to the new features, resulting in a celebration from fans all over.

Here is what the AG Social Media Team had to say:

From this day forward, American Girl will be implementing several good changes:

  • First, all 18 inch dolls will be reverted back to the separate underwear design. Any dolls currently in production or being developed will now arrive with removable underwear. After the remaining inventory of dolls with permanent underwear has been sold, each line will revert back to the separate underwear design.

  • If you purchased or currently own an American Girl doll with the permanent underwear and are dissatisfied with the design, American Girl is offering a one-time, free body exchange on the doll to create one with separate underwear and return the doll to you at no cost. (WOW!)

  • Second, all future dolls in production or being developed will return to the iconic American Girl boutique box for 18-inch dolls. Only the new 2017 contemporary characters, as well as the Truly Me line, will remain with the new packaging design until the inventory has been sold through.

  • In addition to that, any 18 inch doll outfit will no longer be sewn into the box, with the exception of the remaining inventory for the 2017 Contemporary Characters and Girl Of the Year 2017.

Basically, after all of the remaining inventory has been sold, American Girl will then enforce the transition back to the classic designs. This may take a few weeks or more, but it will happen.

This is incredible!! After long months of feedback, American Girl's decision has been changed- they listened, heard our voices, and put our requests into action! I can finally see the American Girl returning to their roots after a bumpy ride this year, and it looks like there is a little more hope for the company's future. 😉

Share in the discussion! Voice YOUR opinion of the new changes in the comments!

- American Girl Doll Crafter

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