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American Girl Z Crew Birthday Party

Yesterday, we celebrated DollPandaLover's birthday with an American Girl Z Crew-inspired party! 🎉 Since DollPandaLover is a major Z Crew fan, this year she requested a Z themed party for her 10th birthday. My Mom, DollBaker24, and I searched for decorations and items that would match Z's color scheme, and I'll have to admit- this party turned out more fun and amazing than I had expected!

Of course, with the party being involved with American Girl, I couldn't wait to share with you guys! 😉 Today I'll be explaining in more detail the party and where the supplies came from. Let's jump right in!

We chose to set things up on our kitchen table, which is where most of our parties happen.

First, we have the fans and paper pom pom. The silver chevron fans are from Target, as well as the pom pom. They were hung from the chandelier above our table.

Next is the table itself. You may have noticed that blue cups have suddenly appeared beside the plates... Well, I completely forgot to put them out before taking photos! (Oops!) 😂 Right after I had already taken the perfect shot of the whole set up, I realized that they were not there. So I quickly put out the cups for the rest of the shoot, and that is why they are suddenly shown in the picture above. 😛

The table and place settings were inspired by Z's signature navy t-shirt. The navy tablecloth is from Target, and using a turquoise tablecloth along with a roll of geometric wrapping paper, we created a runner.

The pink plates are from Target, however, the orange plates and napkins were bought from Party City.

Of course, what is a Z Crew party without popcorn? 😉 My Mom found these adorable Popcorn boxes from Target that added the perfect touch to the table! We made some decorative cameras on bamboo skewers to finish the look.

Here is DollPandaLover's cake! The toppers are actually a Z Crew paper doll set that was given out at her debut. I won them in a giveaway hosted by @agatthegoldsteins on Instagram, and they were absolutely perfect! (Thanks, again!)

There was a decorative movie clapboard and a stop motion tips and tricks book that was also included.

A closer look at the paper dolls.

"Smile for the camera!"

Instead of playing a party game, this year my Mom thought it would be fun to try out a photo booth! The props and background were found at Walmart.

The tassel garland and balloons were not included (found at Target), but they did add a nice touch to our photo booth!

Time for some photos- say cheese! 📷

DollPandaLover, posing as a princess. 💖

DollBaker24 joined in on the fun as well!

*gasp!* Could that be me hiding under there? 😉

That concludes the party tour! Thank you for reading, and maybe you'll even decided to create a Z Crew party of your own! 💖 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll be happy to answer them in the comments below. 😉

Stay tuned for DollPandaLover's American Girl birthday haul!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. Check out our Youtube Channel for a special AG doll birthday video!

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