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Suzie Moves ln

“There! That’s the last one.”, I said, pushing a heavy cardboard box into the room.

Wiping beads of sweat from my forehead, I breathed a sigh of victorious relief. This week, I moved from Seattle all the way across the country to my new home. It was quite the change for me- no more city skylines, rain, or visits to the Beanery. While I did miss my old home, this new place I had arrived at seemed full of surprises and adventure, and I couldn’t wait to explore (and vlog!) more.

But first things first, unpacking. *sigh* I could just hear the cardboard boxes jam-packed with belongings calling my name.

Turning to a stack of them by my desk, I chose a medium sized box and began digging through. Immediately as my fingers touched the cool metal, a grin spread across my face. Spilling a few packing peanuts here and there, I quickly pulled out a studio lamp. It was a gift from an old friend back home.

Putting it on my desk, I smiled wistfully… Ah, good memories…

*scratch scratch*

Jerking up, my attention was suddenly drawn to one side of the room, where a box wiggled mysteriously and made muffled noises.

I don't remember putting that there...

My curiosity getting the better of me, I cautiously approached.

What could this possibly be? Bending down, I slowly reached out to open the box…


My spotted Dalmatian pup suddenly leapt out the box, sending packing peanuts everywhere and bounded toward me. “Whoa!” I laughed. I was knocked off balance and sent crashing to the floor. Popcorn ran up and showered me with wet puppy kisses, as if to say, “Boo! Sorry I scared you!”.

“Oh, Pop. Always up to your usual tricks!” I couldn’t resist but to burst into giggles again.

After recovering from Popcorn’s "scheme", I went to rest on the stack of boxes with Popcorn by my side.

“We finally made it, Pop. Welcome to your new home.” I gestured around the room.

Popcorn just stared at me sweetly, her pink tongue hanging out and her dark, curious eyes looking up into mine. Of course, she probably didn’t understand me. She would go any where I go, and do anything I do. Still, it was nice to have at least someone to talk to, even if it was only my dog.

Wait a second…

I whipped out my phone and opened the camera app. Of course I had people to talk to- I had thousands of fans that watched each new vlogging adventure! They were always there, awaiting my latest video to see what would happen next. After all, I had left them on a cliffhanger on my last video when I announced I was moving. They deserved an update on Popcorn and me!

Just for fun, I shouted, “Quiet on the set! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” Click!

“Hey, Z Crew! Guess who’s back?” I waved in front of the camera. Not wanting to be left out, Popcorn barked, demanding that she be included in the vlog. I laughed and shifted the camera to show my silly pup.

“You too, Popcorn! It’s been a while, but the big move is finally over. Pop and I are unpacking today, and we thought we’d give you guys a tour of what’s happening in the new Z Crew studio.”

I moved about the room, showing my desk, the mountain of boxes I still had to go through, and my bright purple walls.

“You can definitely tell that it’s far different from our old house in Seattle, but I’m actually starting to love it! A change feels nice every once in a while, ya know? It may take a little while longer for us to get settled, but I can already tell that Popcorn and I are going to like it here. What do you think, Pop?”

Popcorn ran in circles, chasing her tail and yapping happily before joining me back on the large box.

“Okay, I’ll just count that as a yes!”, I chuckled. Turning back to the camera, I waved goodbye.

“That’s all for now! I’ve really missed vlogging and connecting online with all of you, but now that we’ve moved in, I’m ready to start back doing what I love best. See you next time! Z Crew out!”

Saving the vlog to upload later, I set down my phone and glanced around happily. I didn’t know what surprises were in store for me, or what might happen in this new place, but that was ok.

I was truly home.

-Suzie Yang

Surprise!! Meet Suzie Yang! This sweet girl joined the Doll Days Crew on DollPandaLover's birthday (May 29th) and I will admit- I adore her! 😍 She's very photogenic, and I have really enjoyed taking pictures of her.

But... Suzie has permapanties. 🙈 No big deal though! DollPandaLover says that she loves Suzie, with or without permapanties. (That's what matters, right?) And who knows! Dolls with permapanties might become exclusive collector's items one day. 😉 As for DollPandaLover's other Z doll (Truly Me #40), she is still her original self. That is why this doll is named Suzie. 😄

I think Suzie will get along just fine in her new house, what about you? 😉 She is excited to hang out on the blog more and meet all of you! 💕

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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