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Opening Doll Graphic Tops from Etsy: Elite Doll World

It's not very often that my sisters and I make a purchase on Etsy, but not too long ago I discovered Elite Doll World- an 18 inch doll clothing shop on Etsy. Katherine, the owner of the shop, makes some of the cutest and most high-quality doll clothes and accessories that I have ever seen! Her graphic tops were particular items that caught DollBaker24's eye, and she fell in love with the galaxy frappuccino one. Of course, once DollPandaLover heard about what her sister was up, she saw the Unicorn top and purchased that as well! 😂

DollBaker24 has created a video in which she opens and reviews the items. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed! 😉

Both tops are available at a retail price of $12 each. DollBaker24 andDollPandaLover paired their shirts with several different items from American Girl.

Lucia's look consists of the Truly Me Sparkle Beanie and the Cool Coral leggings and shoes. Suzie is modeling the glasses, headband, pants, and shoes from Z's Easy Breezy Outfit.

Here is a close up of the graphics. The detail is just amazing! 😍 One awesome thing about these shirts is that the graphics don't peel when stretched, and they don't peel at all for that matter!

Suzie and Lucia are ready to step out in style in their new graphic tops. ✨ Don't they look cute? I wish I had their shirts in my size! 😛 Overall, these graphic tops get my rating of 5 stars! My sisters absolutely love them, and we will definitely be purchasing again from EDW soon. 💖

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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