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Leaked Truly Me Customization Line Catalogue!

We've heard many rumors and facts about the new Truly Me Customization Line in April, and today, we finally get a glimpse of what's coming this July! @ag.roses336 on Instagram received an American Girl catalogue featuring the custom Truly Me dolls. She allowed me to share the photos here on the blog, and I'm curious to hear your opinion! 😊

Here is the cover!! 😍 It says the these dolls will be available late July, so considering that AG always has releases on Thursday, I'm looking at the 20th or the 27th for possible debut dates.

Custom dolls start at a price of $200, and includes the doll you design, choice of outfit and accessory set, personalized keepsake doll box, a create-your-own T-shirt, six-month subscription to American Girl magazine, plus free shipping! This is a cool deal, but I'm wondering if American Girl put all of the extras in just to make it sound nice for $200... 😐

When you buy a doll, you can choose one of the many outfits and accessory sets for her to arrive in! I hope the outfits shown above are available separately; I'd love to buy one! 💖

When it comes to designing your custom doll, the possibilities are endless! Choose her hair color and style, eye color, freckles, if she'll arrive with a hearing aid or earrings, and eyewear. I'm sure different face molds and skin tones will also be an option, however they are not shown here.

I can spot a few leaked accessories from a while back that are now part of these outfits! 😉

While your new doll will come with a customizable shirt, I believe that American Girl will now be expanding the Signature Studio from the Flagship Stores (Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York) to online! The Signature Studio is a place in the American Girl Store where you can design your own doll bag, shirt or dress, as shown in the picture below and above.

Looking closely, we can see that the tiny sentence reads: Starting at $14, experience available at American Girl Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City and That gives us a clue that we might be able to design our own doll clothing items next month!

The customization line looks like it will bring much change to American Girl, but hopefully it will be a good change. 😊 I'm excited to see the rest of this unfold in the coming month, and especially looking forward to seeing everyone's unique doll ideas! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments! 👇

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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