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Our Visit to American Girl Denver - Meet the New Dolls!

You're probably thinking- American Girl Store Denver? Don't you mean Atlanta? Well, you did read that title right- Denver! My sisters and I usually only visit the AG Store in Atlanta (since it's the closest to where we live), but when my Dad took our family on a vacation to Colorado for his job, we jumped at the chance to finally visit a new store. And wow, it was amazing! 😍 We loved every minute of it. ❤️ It was nice to explore a totally different American Girl Store than the one you've been going to all your life. 😂

There were many surprises and exciting things going on during this trip, so instead of taking photos like I usually do, DollBaker24 and I decided to try something new and vlog our visit!

It's our first time creating a video in a public place, so things were a little different, but we're excited to share it with all of you. 😊

*Keep in mind that we visited Colorado 2 weeks ago in June, and went to the store on the 17th. This was just a few days until the big release, so that is why you won't see the Grand Hotel or a new outfit. 😉

That video was a little longer than expected, but we wanted to capture as much as we could of the store while we were there. ✨

As you saw in the video, we each did get a new doll! Today, I will be introducing them formally on the blog.

Welcome the groovy girl in town, Julie Albright! DollPandaLover originally planned on buying Felicity at the store, but somehow we forgot to tell her that she was only available in flagship stores. 😛 So my sister picked out her next favorite doll, Julie. My Mom was especially nostalgic about DollPandaLover getting Julie, and throughout the store she pointed out various Julie items that were similar to what she had as a girl. 😂 It was funny, but also interesting to see what she had in common with Julie.

Julie is a groovy girl with a style straight from the 70's. She loves chatting with friends on her banana yellow basket phone, and of course a good summer day wouldn't be complete with a Jiffy Pop and a cool soda!

Julie never misses the chance to cuddle with her pomeranian pup, Daisy! The two are best friends. ❤️ 🐶

Some of her hobbies include riding her bike and helping out at the local animal shelter.

And now, say hello to...

Tenney Grant!! ✨ DollBaker24 and I have both loved Tenney for a while now, and we were so excited to pick out our very own! She is absolutely GORGEOUS. 😍 Her hair, eyes, and "makeup" all work together perfectly to make a beautiful doll, and we are so grateful to have her.

Here is my Tenney in a little lounge/songwriting room I created for her. Ever since American Girl posted their doll room remodels (known as #AGFairwayPlace), I have felt super inspired to make my own rooms!😊 Setting up a scene for a particular doll can be so much fun. 😉

Tenney plays the banjo almost professionally; she's taken lessons since she was 6! 🎶 Music has always come naturally for her, and she loves to think up lyrics straight from the heart. Country music is her passion, and not surprisingly, she is rather famous for her songs in the doll world. Tenney's charming, southern voice makes her stand out at the dollhouse, but she doesn't mind all that much. 😉 She has become quite acquainted with Melody, whom she will often spend days with in the local recording studio. 🎤 The other dolls have also discovered that Tenney has a weakness for sweet tea and fried chicken. That's how they bribe her to sing them a song! 😂

Waylon has always been Tenney's biggest fan- not to mention that he occasionally sings along! 😛 Tenney loves to get up early in the morning, right when the sun peeps over the horizon, and spend time practicing in her songwriting room.

For those who might be wondering where items from the scenes came from, or if you'd like to even make your own doll room, I've created a list with more info. 😄

Julie's Groovy Hangout:

  • Bead Curtain: Bead Necklaces from Hobby Lobby; cut and glued on a dowel rod

  • Light Blue Rug: Target

  • Backdrop: Tri-Fold Science Project Board from Michael's Craft Store

  • Pink Beanbag: A t-shirt stuffed with fluffing and secured with a rubberband

  • Pink Guitar: Our Generation (Target)

  • Julie's headband, dog, phone, and snacks: American Girl

Tenney's Songwriting Room:

  • Backdrop and flooring: Scrapbook Poster Board from Hobby Lobby

  • Faux Fur Rug: Fabric from Hobby Lobby

  • Gold Dresser: Hobby Lobby- painted by me

  • Paper Pom Poms: Made with tissue paper from Target

  • White Marquee Star: Hobby Lobby

  • Light Pink Bird: Hobby Lobby

  • Tenney's outfit, Banjo, and chair: American Girl

  • Waylon: A take-home gift from one of my Dad's Meetings

That concludes our trip to the American Girl store! 💖 I hope you enjoyed our first "in-store" vlog, and meeting the new girls in town. 😉 I can't wait to share more pictures of them with all of you!

Tenney's profile will be up in the Meet the Dolls section soon! By the way, be sure to drop by the MTD page and take a look around- after several months, I finally got around to updating it. 😛 Most of the dolls have new profile pictures, and there's now a special gallery featuring DollBaker24's and DollPandaLover's dolls that make appearances on the blog! 😄 Have fun looking!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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