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Beverly and Emerson's Movie Night

It's Friday, and you know what that usually means- Movie Night! 🎥 Beverly and Emerson have been a bit envious of the "big girls" lately; they get to stay up late on Friday night, watch movies, eat delicious snacks, and play games. But how unfair is that?! 😂 Beverly decided it was time for a change- if her older sisters could do something outrageously fun like that, she and Emerson should be able to give it a try, at least just once.

Of course, Beverly went straight to Maryellen and kindly pleaded the she and her best friend be allowed to have their own movie night. After much persuasion, Maryellen finally gave in. She reasoned that the younger girls deserved to feel like "big girls" every once in a while. 😉

And so, the first Wellie Wisher Movie Night was planned!

Beverly called up Emerson, set out the board games, and made sure everything was in it's proper place before her best friend arrived.

Within minutes, Emerson burst through the door and squealed with delight- what a night this was going to be! The two decided to start things off with a game of checkers, while an episode of their favorite show played on the TV.

Emerson is a master at checkers, but don't count out Queen Beverly just yet! She is determined to win this time.

The girls took the game rather seriously!

"It's your move, Emerson. You better be careful!", Beverly said, a mischevious smile playing at the edge of her lips.

Emerson grinned back, her little face full of challenge. "Oh yeah?" She moved her board piece swiftly across the board and giggled. "I jumped you twice!"

Beverly tried to keep a cool and straight face, but when Emerson started laughing, it was impossible not to join in!

Lulu sat between them, and heaved a little bunny sigh. Such silly girls... Beverly had dragged the poor bunny in earlier to keep them company, but Lulu would rather be elsewhere tonight. Giggly little girls are not her thing! 😂

The game of checkers was soon over, with Emerson emerging as champion. Now it was time for the real fun to begin! Turning on the TV, Beverly pressed play for Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig is not a movie, but it's the girls' absolute favorite show, so they decided to to watch several episodes nonstop. Besides, what Wellie Wisher wouldn't love a show filled with princesses and muddy puddles? 😉

The girls laughed, cheered, and smiled as the Peppa Pig marathon continued on. Their movie night had truly turned out to be a success! But around 10:00, a yawn escaped from Emerson, and her sisters back at home had already called for her to return. Emerson reluctantly said goodbye to Beverly with a bear hug. However she couldn't keep from grinning happily. "Beverly, this was really a lot of fun! Can I come over again soon?"

"Definitely!", was Beverly's reply as she pulled Emerson in for another hug. Emerson then really had to go, and left with a smile on her face as she walked out the door.

As she watched Emerson cheerfully dance her way to the house across the street, Beverly had to admit- she was extremely worn out and tired. But first, she sat on the fuzzy rug and gently put Lulu on her lap.

"That was fun, wasn't it Lulu?", she told the bunny as she stroked it's soft ear. "We're going to have to do that again sometime. Not too soon though, because I'm way too tired for another movie night. But definitely another time soon."

Then, with a sparkle in her eyes and a warm feeling in her heart, Beverly whispered...

"I'm glad I have Emerson for a friend."

Thank you for reading about the Wellie Wishers' first movie night! I think they had fun, don't you? 😉 Have you ever been to a sleepover/movie night before?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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