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Tenney's Room Tour - Dollhouse Renovations

In early April of this year, I took on my biggest craft project yet- renovating my dollhouse! For the past 3 months, I have slowly but surely redecorated the dollhouse in a totally new style! It looks extremely different than it did when I first received it 2 years ago, but during that time my taste of decorating and design changed, and I wanted to try and reflect that through the new dollhouse look. Yes, I will admit that 3 months is a lot of time to spend on one dollhouse. 😂 But while it did take longer than I expected to get things just right, I think it was worth the wait. 😉

Before the renovation...


After! It's almost like a totally different dollhouse! Speaking of which, a tour of the kitchen will also be coming soon as well. 😉

After seeing @samisays_ag's incredible Tenney doll room, I felt super inspired to re-create the same look in my dollhouse bedroom since I was planning to buy Tenney later in the year. So with that as my theme, and went straight to work- planning, painting, sewing, decorating- you name it! This giant project really challenged my crafting abilities. 😂 Tenney's shabby chic room ended up being one of the most enjoyable crafts I ever worked on, and I'm excited to share it with you today!

To give you a closer look at how I set things up in Tenney's Room, I filmed a video that you can

view on our YouTube Channel! This is also the first time I've officially revealed what I look like on the blog, which is a little exciting for me... 🙈 Enjoy the video!

Now that you've had a glimpse of Tenney's room layout, it's time for a tour on the blog!

Let's start with the most basic features. Tenney's wall is a peach color that I chose based off of the original color, Pink Harmony by Ben Moore. Pink Harmony is a beautiful shade of blush, but it was just a bit too light for the bedroom walls. My Mom and I picked out a more vibrant peachy pink at the paint store, and I believe it was Creamy Peach by Sherwin Williams? I'm not quite sure, since we had it mixed to be lighter and more pink at the store. The flooring is one of my favorite features about this room... it's removable! Hobby Lobby has an amazing selection of giant scrapbook poster board, and the wood grain pattern fit perfectly on the floor.

Next, is Tenney's dresser area. My Mom played a huge role in making the ideas we had for this room happen, and she helped immensely when it came to finding doll-sized objects. While on a shopping trip, she found the cutest little dresser at Hobby Lobby for Tenney's bedroom!

These mini signs are also from Hobby Lobby, along with the marquee star and birdcage.

The paper pom poms were made using pink and white tissue paper from Target's party aisle.

Tenney's bed is the retired Dreamy Daybed from American Girl. @samisays_ag's beautiful bedding was made by Pearl and Jane on Etsy, but I to take my sewing machine for a spin and see if I could create a similar version. To make the bedding, I simply cut 5 strips of fabric that when sewed together were equal to the length of the Dreamy Daybed. For a little embellishment, I added rick-rack ribbon and gathered some gold ribbon to create a frill on the end. The faux furry rug is a piece of fabric from Hobby Lobby.

I will admit- the pillows were quite a struggle compared to the bedding! 😂 I'm not an extremely skilled seamstress yet, so I had a little more difficulty with them. But they're not too bad for my first try...

There are 2 large pillows for Tenney to sleep with, 2 small skinny pillows, and two tiny decorative pillows.

Here's a look at the bedding without the pillows. If you would like to sew your own bedding, the links to where I purchased fabric are listed below.

Bird Fabric: Zoey's Garden by Tanya Whelan (I purchased this on Amazon, but after searching again for it today, I was unable to find it. However, it is available at various online fabric stores.)

Blue Polka Dot: Spot On by Robert Kaufman, purchased HERE.

Pink Chevron: Pink and Gold Chevron Fabric, purchased HERE.

Gold Polka Dot: Spot On Metallic Dot by Robert Kaufman, purchased HERE.

A soft fleece material is on the other side of the bedding. The sheet was included with the Dreamy Daybed.

Above Tenney's bed hangs the scrap banner, which I also made to match the bedding. Using strips of fabric (sealed on the edges with nail polish sealer to prevent fraying), ribbon, and decorative tassels, I tied everything on to string, making the banner.

Of course, Tenney's room wouldn't be complete without a portrait of her favorite country star, Dolly Parton! This was my favorite little detail that @samisays_ag put in her Tenney room, and I knew Dolly couldn't be left out when planning my own Tenney room. The tiara from Party City is actually spray painted gold, and the bedside dresser is from Hobby Lobby.

My Mom found this amazing storage tower at Michael's, and it's the perfect place for Tenney to store her belongings!

The birdcage (spray painted gold) was originally blue, and it is from Hobby Lobby. The little blue bird and picture frame are also available at Hobby Lobby as well.

The next shelf holds a pink version of the the ceramic bird shown above, and I attached pink and blue flowers from Target's dollar section to give it a little 3D pop.

I'd like to take a moment and say that I believe this storage tower was practically made for Tenney! Look at how her banjo fits perfectly inside; it's absolutely adorable!

On the very bottom shelf, Tenney showcases her favorite golden boots from Me and My Princess Boutique, and her favorite floral picnic blanket.

Tenney's furry friend needs a space to rest in the room, too! Waylon's bed is the Princess Pet bed from AG, which (once again) has been spray painted gold and the mattress covered with fabric.

I ran out of spray paint near the end, so a few spots aren't as gold as I wish they were, but thankfully it's not too noticeable.

Directly above Waylon's bed, I hung a locker chandelier from Hobby Lobby. It's the perfect size for dolls, and can light up as well!

Tenney feels right at home in her new room. She reaches for her banjo and plays a little tune to celebrate the occasion!

Thank you for joining me and Tenney on the first room tour from our dollhouse renovations project! This shabby chic room was especially fun to create with it's glittery details and antique touches, but I'm also very excited to share more the kitchen in the coming weeks! 😉

For those who might want a short list of where specific items came from, or if you'd like to even make your own doll room, I've created a list with more info. 😄

Tenney's Shabby Chic Room:

  • Wall color: Creamy Peach by Sherwin Williams (Note: Our paint was mixed at the store to be lighter and more pink)

  • Flooring: Scrapbook Poster Board from Hobby Lobby

  • White/Gold Antique Dresser: Hobby Lobby

  • Blue birdcage and Marquee Star: Hobby Lobby

  • "Love you to the Moon and Back" signs: Hobby Lobby

  • Paper Pom Poms: Made using Tissue paper from Target

  • Bed: Dreamy Daybed from American Girl

  • Bedding, Pillows, and Scrap Banner: Sewed by me

  • Faux Fur Rug: Fabric from Hobby Lobby

  • Bedside Dresser: Hobby Lobby

  • Dolly Parton's Portrait: Frame from Walmart, image printed from online

  • Gold Tiara: Party City

  • Storage Tower: Michael's

  • Gold Birdcage: Hobby Lobby

  • Blue and Pink Ceramic birds: Hobby Lobby

  • Tenney's Portrait: Frame from Hobby Lobby, image cut from AG Catalog

  • Pink and Blue Flowers: Target's dollar aisle

  • Banjo: American Girl

  • Gold Boots: Me and My Princess Boutique (online)

  • Picnic Blanket: Included with Tenney's Hot Chicken Set from AG

  • Gold Dog Bed: Princess Pet Bed from AG, spray painted and covered with fabric

  • White Chandelier: Locker Chandelier from Hobby Lobby

Phew, that's quite a list, isn't it? 😜 But I hope it will come in handy for those who are interested in certain items. 😊

Special thanks to my amazing Mom, for helping me plan, shop, and decorate for Tenney's Room, and to Sami Says AG, for inspiring me to create my own Tenney room, and answering all the questions I had throughout this project. ❤️

What is YOUR favorite thing about Tenney's room? Share in the comments!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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