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Winner of the Tenney Mini Giveaway!

Why, hello! It's Tenney Grant here, your favorite rising country star. 😉 Didn't see you pop in, but you're more than welcome to join me for my lunch. Mmm... boy, does it smell tasty!

On the way home from a venue I had been performing at today, I stopped by Georgia's Hot Chicken truck for a bite to eat. She serves the best hot chicken in town, maybe even in all of Nashville! I was in a rush to get back to my new cozy room, so I chose takeout for my meal. But you do not know how much torture it was to walk the whole way home with the scent of delicious, zesty spices nipping at my nose! 😜

Okay, enough talking. I'm as eager as a beaver to eat my food! I'll just set things up right here...

Before I dig in, let's see what today's special was. Georgia told me it was something savory, but I never did get a chance to see the dish. Hmm... Oooh!

Why, it's Annecy's Winnin' Chicken! How could I have missed out on something that divine? Mmmm mmm!!

Congratulations to Annecy, she seems to be today's special winner! 😘 Hope you enjoy the prize coming your way soon. Now, if you'll excuse me, this hot chicken is just calling my name, and I'm starving! See ya'll later!

-Tenney Grant💘

Thanks for sharing your lunchtime with us, Tenney! 😉 And congratulations to Annecy, the winner of our Mini Tenney Prize Package! I'll be sending you an email today with more details on how to receive your prize. Also, a BIG thank you to everyone who entered!- you are all absolutely amazing, and I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate my 2 years of blogging any other way. 😘

P.S. I couldn't end the post without sharing the Tenney artwork I completed recently! ♥️ ✏️ When Tenney Grant is your absolute favorite American Girl character, you can't help but draw her! 😂 😉

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