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Kitchen and Living Room Tour - Dollhouse Renovations

It's time for the next room tour I promised you- the doll kitchen! Today, you'll get a closer look inside my dollhouse kitchen and living room, which completes the dollhouse renovations project. 😊 I'm very excited to share the final room on the blog, so let's jump right in!

I have created yet another video of how I set things up in the kitchen! 😄 You can view it here, or visit our Youtube Channel.

I'll begin with the basics. For those that remember from way back, this kitchen used to be bright purple! 💜 Definitely not your ordinary kitchen wall color. 😂 I wanted to give the room a brighter and more modern feel this time, so we chose Jamaican Aqua from Sherwin Williams. This is a really fun color that works wonderfully with so many different furniture pieces! Just as in Tenney's Room, flooring is giant scrapbook poster board from Hobby Lobby.

The push-on lights are one of my favorite features that was added in the renovation! Found at Ace Hardware, these lights shine in the dollhouse even after the sun goes down!

Disclaimer: While they do provide a fairly nice amount of light, the lights do not actually make the dollhouse as bright as shown in photos. That job was left to our photography Light Boxes. 😉

The table and chairs are a retired set from American Girl.

The dolls' table is set for a delicious dinner, but sadly, the Slow Cooker Dinner Set is unavailable as well! 😢 I hope American Girl will release more adorable food sets like this one soon- maybe in the upcoming August release? 😉

Lulu guards the table until the dolls return. Are you sure you aren't trying to nibble on their dinner, Lulu? 😂 🐰

I borrowed this simple white kitchen from DollPandaLover, and she received it for Christmas quite a few years ago. I was surprised to find out that it was sold by Battat, which is known today as Our Generation! 😱 The Rose Flower Pot is an accessory from the American Girl Sunshine Gardening Bench. The light blue storage containers were included with an Our Generation set.

Included with the OG Kitchen was a refrigerator, but I wanted to use Maryellen's retro fridge to add a pop of color and contrast. 😉 The dinner trays came with the Retro fridge as well, and the mini plant is from Hobby Lobby.

Busted!! Danielle, are you trying to sneak a snack before dinner? 😝

...No, no I was not! Just checking to see... uh, if we needed any more groceries!

Mmm hmm. I thought so. 😉

Next, let's look around the Living Room!

I wanted to add the TV Set to the dollhouse this time, so the dolls could have a special space to relax. 💖 I adore the little television from American Girl- too cute!!

It's definitely the most colorful part of the dollhouse, but the Truly Me line is full of vibrant prints and colors, so I wanted to create a style similar to that here. 😄

This cute little banner was found at Target's dollar aisle, and it was come in handy for many doll scenes.

Ah, the lovely little TV! It appears that the dolls were browsing through the American Girl Version of Netflix. 😂 I can't blame them- AG Movies are so fun to watch!

Most items you see on the stand was included with the TV. However, the doll sized books come with the purchase of AG Mini Dolls, and the Popcorn is from the AG Theater Scene Set.

One of the dolls brought home a new pet recently... 🐹 This is Chester, Sierra's hamster! His cage and care instruction book are from AG, as well as the small silver table. (Retired Pet Wash Set)

The umbrella on the right corner was found at a doll clothes shop in Tennessee.

I purchased the Comfy Couch (once again, from AG) for the doll living room, and it is HUGE! Two dolls can sit comfortably together, and the side tray is perfect for holding movie night snacks.

I believe the dollhouse renovations tour has come to an end, but it was so much fun to share this project with all of you! 💖 I hope you enjoyed visiting my dollhouse, and we hope you again soon! 😉

What is your favorite place in the dollhouse- Tenney's Shabby Chic Bedroom, or the Colorful Kitchen and Living Room?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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