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Oh, Snap! - A Photostory

Sierra’s heart soared with excitement each time she glanced across the street. The pet shop’s sparkling metallic sign was just within her view, and with every passing second, she was just a little bit closer to meeting her new furry friend.

Sierra hadn’t exactly figured out what animal she would take home yet- in fact, this whole idea of picking out a pet didn’t appeal to her at first. It was Lanie that suggested she get a pet in the first place, saying she needed something to keep her company while studying. Lea, the animal-lover of the family, was always ready to welcome a new critter to the crew, so she joined in to help persuade her sister. Soon, the whole family was set on Sierra finding the perfect pet. She had tried to hide the excitement she felt inside, but as she walked to the pet shop that morning, Sierra found herself dreaming about snuggling with her sweet… Cat? Dog? Maybe a bunny? ‘Who knows!’, she thought, a smile on her face. Now, if only this morning traffic would speed up so she could cross the street… The pet of her dreams (whatever it may be) was there for her at the pet shop, and Sierra could hardly wait to meet it.

Making a dash for the shop, Sierra quietly slipped inside. She was greeted by a friendly harmony of dogs barking and birds chirping happily. Despite the chorus of noise, it was a rather nice pet shop, filled with critters of all kinds. A little kitten batted at a toy fish in her cage, while the puppies wagged their tails and howled wildly. Nearby, a bird stood tall on his perch, puffing up his feathers proudly. Sierra looked around, eyes wide in awe.

‘How will I ever choose? That calico cat is cute, but the tiny terrier has the sweetest face! Hmmm, which one….’

The pet shop employee glanced up to see Sierra curiously wandering throughout the shop. Rushing over, the employee smiled warmly and said, “Welcome to Posh Pets! I’m Lucia. How can I help you find your perfect furry friend?”

“I- I’m not sure what type of pet I’d like.”, Sierra stammered, surprised by her sudden shyness.

“I understand!” Lucia replied brightly. “Choosing a pet is a serious matter, but it can also be fun. Let’s take a look around and see what animal really speaks to you.”

Sierra found herself relax as Lucia led her to the first set of cages. The adorable calico cat she had seen earlier glanced up with sweet brown eyes.

“This is Ginger, one of the cutest kittens you’ll ever find.” Lucia gestured towards a cage near the floor.

“Oh, she’s beautiful! I love her calico fur.”, Sierra said admiringly.

“She has also tendency to be curious, so it’s best to keep valuable objects out her way.”, Lucia continued, hesitancy hinting in her voice.

Sierra frowned a bit, questioning how well their other cat, Cupcake, would cope with this curious kitten. “Ginger really is a pretty little thing”, she finally admitted aloud. “But we have another cat at home who demands more attention than we can give her, so I don’t think Ginger is the pet I’ll be taking home today.”

Lucia nodded, knowing her client was right. “I agree completely. There are still plenty of animals left, so let’s move on to find for the one that is perfect for you.”

The next pet Lucia showed Sierra was a golden retriever pup; tail wagging and ready to play.

“Dixie here has a heart of gold, and she’s very loyal, like most golden retrievers.”

Dixie had certainly managed to stand out to Sierra. Her silky fur coat shone in the light, but something about her size made Sierra feel uneasy.

“Um, will she bigger than she is now? I mean, since she’s still a young dog…”

Lucia laughed. “Oh, of course. Dixie is a big pup, so she’s bound to grow and be large and athletic. I can see she’s not quite what you had in mind either, which is totally fine. Let’s keep looking.”

3 more dogs and one bird later, Sierra felt almost ready to give up. This whole pet situation seemed hopeless, and how was she supposed to explain things to her sisters when she came home without the promised pet?

Lucia began to introduce another dog, when suddenly, the phone rang.

“Oh, if you’ll excuse me for a moment. That must be Mrs. Mayfield calling about the exclusive cat food she ordered.” She blushed, and then went to answer the client’s demanding call.

Sierra didn’t mind. She needed a little time to think about the problem she was dealing with, anyway. ‘Every animal I’ve seen so far is too big, too curious, too energetic, and too feathery. Am I supposed to have a pet after all?’

Maybe it would be best if she just avoided the whole situation and slipped out while the employee was busy. ‘Yes, that’s what I’ll do…’ As she backed away, Sierra felt her leg bump something cold and nearly let out a terrifying scream. Quickly turning, she saw it was just a small metal table. But inside the cage on the table, a blur of movement caught Sierra’s eye. She peered in for a closer look.

It was a hamster! The most darling, little creature Sierra had ever seen! Sprinting madly on the blue wheel, he stopped for a moment to see this intriguing human staring down at him. The moment when their eyes met, Sierra’s heart leaped- this was the pet! It was as if they were meant for each other. His tiny bead-like eyes sparkled in the light, and he was just the right size; not big enough to create chaos, but not too small to cuddle with. How could she have missed him? She stood there, gazing dreamily at her new acquaintance until Lucia returned.

“I see you’ve met Chester!”, she said. “He’s a cutie, alright. Always running on that little wheel of his.”

Sierra looked up, her eyes dancing with excitement. “Chester is perfect! I’ll take him.”

“Oh!” Lucia was genuinely surprised, but quickly recovered and said, “Why, yes! Of course! I’ll prepare his cage along with a few a supplies, and after you sign a few papers you’ll be good to go.”

Sierra followed Lucia as she walked to a counter. There, she wrote her signature on several required adoption documents, received a manual on “How to Care For Your Hamster”, and off she went!

Holding the cage carefully in her arms, she walked along with smile on her face and a happy heart. ‘The girls are going to be so proud and excited when they see I brought home a pet! Chester is a such a cutie… I bet they’ll love him as much as I do.’

Meanwhile, back at the dollhouse…

“A puppy, a puppy, a puppy!” Beverly shouted, jumping up and down nonstop. “I think she got a puppy, Lanie!”

Lanie laughed, and calmly continued the nature book she was reading. “Maybe, Beverly. We’ll just have to wait and see when Sierra gets here.”

“I’m guessing she picked out a kitten!” Lea exclaimed from the kitchen. “With big, sparkling eyes and an adventurous personality.”

Suzie looked up from her camera and put on a playful frown. “A cat? Who would want a mischievous kitten when you could get a lovable loyal dog?” Suzie, who had stopped by that afternoon to give Lea tips on how to use her new camera, had her own dalmatian pup, Popcorn, whom she adored. “Pop is so sweet.”, she added with a dreamy smile. “I bet she got a dog.”

Tap, TAP TAP! A sudden knocking at the door made all the girls jump with excitement. “Sierra’s here, Sierra’s here!!” Beverly burst into a series of happy jumps all over again, and Lanie raced to the door.

Sierra peeked her head in from the other side. “I’m home, everyone! Close your eyes and make room!”

All the dolls backed away from the kitchen table and shut their eyes tight. Well, mostly all the dolls. SOMEONE was peeking, but what else do you expect from an overly excited 6-year-old?

Sierra grabbed the cage and gently set it down on the table. “You can open…. NOW!”

Lanie’s eyes went wide, Suzie gasped, Lea just laughed, and Beverly, the only one who seemed to still have her voice, screamed, “IT’S A MOUSE!! GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!”

“Oh, Beverly.” Sierra explained sweetly. “This isn’t a mouse. Girls, meet my pet hamster, Chester!”

For a moment no one spoke, only looking back and forth from Chester to Sierra. Lanie, the first to recover from shock, smiled warmly and put her arm on Sierra’s shoulder. “I think he’s perfect!”

“I think he’s creepy. Don’t let it touch me.” Beverly slowly backed away, fearing this new, mouse-like creature.

“Wow, Sierra. Whatever made you choose a hamster?” said Suzie, viewing the miniature animal from her camera’s view finder.

Sierra clasped her hand together dreamily. “I don’t really know. I just looked into his tiny little eyes, and it seemed like we were meant to be friends!”

“You know, Grace is going to be mad when she finds out a hamster has been on her kitchen table.” said Lea, being practical.

Sierra pretended not to hear as she gazed lovingly at Chester.

“Want to hold him, Lanie?” Sierra began to take off the lid of the cage as Lanie stepped beside her.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Suzie said, a little too loudly. “Um, sorry, but doing that over there?” She nodded towards the living room. “I’ve got some very expensive camera equipment here, and I…”

“Oh, sure, Suzie!” Sierra replied brightly. Retreating to the couch, Lanie and Sierra set the cage down and began to chat about Chester.

Lanie beamed as Chester snuggled in her hands. “Oooh, he’s adorable!”

“I know, right? I just love him to pieces!”

As Sierra and Lanie took turns cuddling with Chester, they didn’t notice a certain curious someone slowly inching her way to the couch. Beverly shyly held her hands behind her back and whispered, “Can I hold him, Sierra?”

Both girls turned to see their little sister staring at the floor, hoping to take a peek at the “mouse” that she had previously been terrified over.

“Why, of course, Beverly! He’s really not that bad. Lanie, hand Beverly Chester, and be gentle.”

Lanie pulled back in surprise. “I don’t have him. I thought you did!”

“B-but, I gave him to you! Oh no, he’s had to run off somewhere! Chester’s gone!”, Sierra cried aloud.

Both girls frantically searched under the pillow and around the couch.

“Lea, Suzie, come help us!”, Lanie begged. “Chester’s gone!”

Lea and Suzie rushed over and joined the search. They looked behind the TV, near the umbrella, inside the plant, but still no hamster. What a disaster!

A sudden shriek from Beverly made everyone jump. “HE’S ON MY HEAD!!” she screamed, dancing around frantically. “EW, EW, GET IT OFF!”

“No, Bev, don’t move!” Suzie shouted.

But it was too late. Despite Suzie’s warning, Beverly shook her head of bouncy curls right as Chester leaped, flying high across the room.

Chester, being the unusually agile hamster that he was, nimbly jumped from the top of the fridge to the kitchen shelves, sprinting towards the table.

Suzie waved her arms wildly. “Not my camera! We’ve got to get him away!”

Chester ran in circles, then, slowly as if to taunt Suzie, he crawled up on the camera…

“Ohhhh, Don’t you do it, Chester! Don’t do it!” All the girls leaped at once, flying towards Chester in a mad chase.

What happened next was a feat that anyone would hardly believe. Something of a mischievous grin spread across Chester’s tiny, fluffy face, and …


By then the girls had reached the table, gasping breathlessly as Sierra scooped up Chester and wagged her finger at his adorably small face.

“You bad little trouble maker! It’s a wonder this house isn’t a wreck by now. What am I going to do with you, Chester?“

A peal of laughter from Suzie suddenly interrupted Sierra’s severe scolding. All the girls stared at her in bewilderment as she kept on laughing.

“I-I’m sorry.” Suzie managed between laughs. “But look.” She turned the camera for all to see.

It was the picture Chester had snapped! And a very amusing one at that. There was Beverly flying through the air, Lanie dashing for the table, Lea tripped over the couch, with Suzie and Sierra not far behind. The room erupted with giggles.

After the noise finally died down, each girls eyes shown with tears from laughing so hard.

“Oh, that’s hilarious, even if it was not the most pleasant experience.” Sierra sighed happily.

“All’s well that ends well.” Lea added.

…. Or was it?

“Wait, were’s Chester?

“Not again!” Z moaned.

Oh, snap! 😝

Note from AGDollCrafter: So, yes... I gave in and bought the American Girl hamster. 😛 It's adorable, and I have to agree that Chester makes the perfect pet for Sierra, although her sisters probably think otherwise. 😂 I hope you enjoyed today's story, and thank you for joining Sierra on the search to find her new furry friend! 😉

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