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Unboxing Nanea's Holoku Dress

Out of all the adorable items in Nanea's collection, we all agree that our favorite is her Holoku Dress. Not only is it historically accurate and stunning on Nanea herself, but the dress is also featured in her story, Hula for the Homefront! 🌺 American Girl went above and beyond when creating this dress, and DollBaker24 was so excited to pick it up during our visit to the AG store this August. 🙂

We have a new video to give you an in-depth look at this nani (pretty) outfit! 😉


  • True to Nanea's time period (1943)

  • High Quality and well made

  • Fits Nanea nicely

  • Gorgeous! 😍

  • Flowers and lei look realistic for an 18 inch doll outfit


  • Fabric is a little thin, however, this understandable considering the dress's length

  • Shoes not included (But who wears shoes while hula dancing, anyway?) 😜

Overall, this outfit receives a 5 star rating from the Doll Days Crew! ⭐️ Lately I've noticed a (good) quality change in outfits from Nanea's collection, and I hope it will continue in future releases. 😊

Aloha! (Goodbye!) 👋

-American Girl Doll Crafter

P.S. Doll Days Designs has been updated with a new look and new coloring pages! Visit my Etsy page HERE, or click the shop button on the sidebar. 💖

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