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Pumpkin, Spice, Everything Nice

Happy first day of Fall, everyone! 🌰 🍂 🍁

I absolutely love this time of year- cool breezes dance in the air, leaves make a satisfying crunch underfoot, amazing smells of pumpkin spice fill the house, and not to mention the scrumptious food! 😛 Fall is a wonderfully cozy time of year.

The dolls couldn't wait to begin this year's harvest season. In honor of the day, Julie had already planned a fall party at her sleek new apartment, with Maryellen and Nanea as guests.

Nanea and Maryellen dressed perfectly for the cooler weather; comfortable and warm, yet a little fancy too. 😉 The girls arrived right on time, at 4:00 p.m. sharp.

Maryellen gently set down the Pumpkin Pie she had brought along, while Julie cheerfully greeted Nanea.

The girls agreed to pose for just one photo before indulging themselves in the delicious pie. 😂

I think someone else is eager for pie as well... Now, Jelly Bean! Don't be a naughty puppy and cause trouble for Julie and her guests! 🐶


What was that? Possibly someone's empty stomach, waiting to be filled with pumpkin pie? I think so! 😉 Reaching for the pie knife, Julie began serving nice, large slices to Maryellen and Nanea.

Maryellen decided that her pie was missing something... a little whipped cream, perhaps? At first, she innocently put just the tiniest bit on the top of her pie. Then, she suddenly flashed an impish grin, and things turned wild pretty quickly! 😛

Lesson learned. Don't give Maryellen a can of whipped cream, or she will use it against you. 😈 😂 However, I think Julie and Nanea didn't mind all that much- it was rather tasty.

Whipped Cream War and all, each girl happily agreed that Julie's Pumpkin Pie party was a success. It was the perfect way to welcome Fall. 🍂 🍁 🌰

So, what are you doing to celebrate the new season? We have lit apple and pumpkin spice scented candles throughout the house... It smells absolutely wonderful! 😍

Happy Fall to all my readers! ✨

- American Girl Doll Crafter

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