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All of My American Girl Coloring Pages - Now Available for FREE!

Today, I'd like to share with all of you a recent decision that I have made.

When reviewing my Etsy shop several days ago, I came to the conclusion that while I enjoyed the satisfactory feeling of listing and selling my own handmade items, it just wasn't the same as when I first opened the shop. Don't get me wrong- I love drawing, and I plan to continue creating fun coloring pages inspired by the many characters we all know and love.❤️ However, things will be going in a new direction from now on.

After thinking this over, I have decided to share all of my coloring pages- past, present, and future- on the blog for absolutely FREE! Now you can enjoy hand drawn coloring pages inspired by your favorite American Girl characters at no expense.

My Etsy Shop will not be closing down- in fact, I have new idea that I can't wait to out into action after a little more research and practice. 😉 Until then, she shop will remain empty for now.

The coloring pages can be found by clicking the Coloring Page tab under the Artwork section in the blog menu. Simply select the page of your choice, click the image to open, print, and color away!

Some of my most recent coloring pages are available now, including a brand new one for Winter! (Yes, Fall just began, but it's never too early for Christmas, right?) 😛

Here are a few of my favorites... 😄

Tenney Grant... 🎶

Z Yang... 📷

And my newest coloring page, Winter Wonderland! I was inspired by the new Penguin Outfit from American Girl, and when I saw Truly Me #67 modeling the outfit, she seemed like the perfect doll to draw in the scene. Love those long, bouncy curls! 😍

So, ready to show your artistic side? Explore our variety of free, handmade

coloring pages created just for American Girl Fans like you!

Snap a photo of your completed work and send it to us via email; then we will feature your masterpiece in the Doll Days Coloring Page Gallery! 💖

Happy coloring!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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