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Molly McIntire's New Book Covers - Leaked!

Today, we finally have the completing evidence that confirms Molly McIntire's return from the archives- her book covers, revamped for the Beforever line, are now available to view on Amazon!

Here is the cover for book one, along with our very first glimpse at the new Molly McIntire! 😍

A Winning Spirit: A Molly Classic 1

Molly McIntire is growing up while the world is at war. Although the fighting is far away, life is full of changes and challenges. But Molly, with hope in her heart and pride in her country, is determined to make a difference. The first volume of Molly's stories shows how Americans on the home front pitched in during World War Two.

On the front of book 2, Molly proudly poses in her signature Miss Victory outfit. Could this mean that Molly's infamous patriotic costume is making a return as well, or will she not have a collection at all (like the Beforever Felicity)?

Stars, Stripes, and Surprises: A Molly Classic 2

When a girl from London comes to stay with the McIntires, Molly expects her to be as glamorous as an English princess. But Emily is nothing like Molly expected. It isn't until Emily talks about living through a real bombing that Molly understands the sacrifices others have made for the war. Just when Molly feels like wartime will last forever, she gets the news she's been waiting for: Dad is coming home! Can Molly pull off plans for a big surprise?

And of course, you can't have Molly without Camp Gowonagin! ❤️ This title was not a part of Molly's original 6-book series; Chances and Changes is a Journey Book, and as most of you know, Journey Books were added to each doll's collection after Beforever launched in 2015. It's so exciting to see a totally new book about a classic American Girl character!

Chances and Changes: My Journey with Molly

What if you suddenly found yourself at summer camp with Molly at the end of World War Two? The two of you can go on an overnight nature hike, perform in the talent show, or compete in the swim meet. Your journey back in time can take whatever twists and turns you choose, as you select from a variety of exciting options in this multiple-ending story.

These novels are set to release on February 19th, 2018. Possible dates for Molly's debut could be the 19th (Monday) or the 22nd (Thursday). American Girl releases usually occur on Thursdays, so I'm leaning more towards the 22nd, but a few unexpected releases have happened before- what is your guess?

Accompanying Molly's new books were the covers for new Beforever mysteries.

The Legend of the Shark Godess: A Nanea Mystery

Ever since the war started, Nanea's done her best to follow all the new rules. When she meets a boy named Mano in her grandparents' market, Nanea is shocked to hear him admit to breaking some rules. And when things start to go missing from the market, Mano is the first person Nanea suspects. Nanea's determined to protect her grandparents, but Mano, whose name means "shark," seems to be hanging around the market more and more. What can Nanea do to keep her family safe from this dangerous boy?

The Showstopper: A Rebecca Mystery

Rebecca and Ana take jobs at a Broadway theater, where Rebecca hopes to use her acting skills. She's thrilled to meet Ollie, a beautiful actress working at the theater across the street. But when a series of mysterious accidents befall the young starlet, Rebecca begins to wonder whether someone is trying to keep Ollie off the stage. Can Rebecca find the culprit before Ollie breaks a leg -- or worse?

The cover for the second book in AG and Scholastic's partnership series, Like Sisters, was also shown on Amazon today. This one is titled, Natalia Takes the Lead.

Well, I guess wraps things up! Now that Molly's book covers have been leaked, I'm really starting to anticipate her debut. (I also think I'm smitten with her new look...) 🙈 She's just so adorable, and not to mention positively classic! 😍

So, what do you think of Molly's new Meet Outfit? Yay, or no way? Share your opinion!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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