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A Wellie Wisher Snow Day

The Wellies have all been wishing for one special thing this winter-- snow. Their wish finally came true when a winter chill passed through yesterday, bringing a frosty mix of snow and ice!

Excited beyond words, the girls threw on their winter attire and ran out to see the falling snow. It was magical!

Emerson invited the newest member of their bunch, Ashlyn, out for a treat at the Wellie's Hot Cocoa Stand. Chocolate Chip, the girls loyal lab, tagged along in hopes of finding some food.

Though Emerson loves to entertain and put a smile on any face, pretending to be a regal snow queen in her new blue dress and soft cape was just as fun. Doesn't she look royal? ❄️

Brrr! The temperature dropped quickly, so the girls took turns running the cocoa stand.

Oh, Ashlyn! It appears that you have your first customer. ☕️

Whipped Cream, Peppermint, Marshmallows- there are so many toppings! Which is your favorite?

It looks like someone else is eager for hot cocoa... 🐶

With warm cocoa and happy hearts, the girls gathered at the bench to watch the delicate snowflakes fall. ❄️

* * *

We had a snow day at our house! It was incredible. ❄️ Not often do you see snow where we live (in fact, it's been nearly 28 years since the last major snowfall), but my sisters and I were exactly like the Wellies and enjoyed every minute of it! ⛄

This Christmas, I was so thankful to receive the gift I'd saved and waited for all year- the Nikon D7100! It's a nice upgrade from the 11-year-old camera I had been working with since I began photography, and I can already see a difference in my photos. I'm still figuring things out, but I loved using it for this shoot!

Here is one last photo of Maryellen from our snow day. ❄️

Happy New Year!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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