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Sending Love: Grace and Sylvie's Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

Just the other day, I happened to see Grace waiting patiently inside the Post Office. It appeared to me that she may have been mailing a special valentine gift!

She held a small, white bag at her side, with an envelope in her other hand. Bonbon was there too, of course! They both were in a cheery mood as Grace waited to send her package.

Bonjour, Grace! What brings you to the Post Office today?

"Why, hello! I'm actually preparing to send a gift to... Well, can you keep a secret?"

Absolutely! Tell us.

"... Hmm, ok. This is for Sylvie, my cousin."

How sweet of you, Grace!

While Grace and I were chatting, bells jingled above the door, and who walked in but Sylvie herself! What a pickle Grace was in! She hid the gift behind her back, and Sylvie looked just as surprised.

"Oh my! Uh... Bonjour, Grace. I didn't expect to see you here." Sylvie blushed nervously.

Grace shuffled her feet and tried to avoid Sylvie's shocked gaze.

"Hi, Sylvie. I was just... um, visiting the post office, as usual! Bonbon, uh... she loves coming here on morning walks."

Sylvie raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

Grace sighed. "Well, since you caught me in the act, you might as well know... I came here mail your valentine."

Sylvie burst into giggles and revealed a white bag from behind her back.

"Quelle coïncidence!--What a coincidence! I came to mail your valentine as well."

The girls were soon laughing happily together, and then exchanged gifts.

Grace and Sylvie both gasped as they opened the bags.

"Comme c'est beau, Grace! What a beautiful little bear!"

"And merci for my stuffed dog, Sylvie! He is quite cute."

Surprises and all, Grace and Sylvie both agreed that it was the best Valentines Day ever.


And I think Bonbon had fun a little fun of her own, too. 😉

Joyeuse saint Valentin, my friends! ❤️

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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