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Craft: Doll Space Ice Cream and Astronaut Food

Luciana and her pals are working hard to become future astronauts, but they'll need something tasty to fuel their creative energy! Whether your doll is traveling to Mars, or just hungry for a snack, these doll-sized astronaut treats are out-of-this-world for sure!

Ready to make your own freeze-dried food?


To access the free printable, click on the image or use the link provided above.

Once you have gathered your materials, visit our Youtube Channel for DollBaker24's step-by-step tutorial.

Freeze-dried ice cream is the perfect snack for Luciana. It looks like she'll be keeping a secret stash in the lab from now on! 😛

When our family visited the Kennedy Space Center a few years ago, I won a packet of freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream in a contest! I was too afraid taste it for myself, so my brother ended up eating it; he said the flavor was like a crunchy marshmallow. Now, I regret not having tried it! 😂

I love to see your creations! If you doll space ice cream, snap a photo and send it to me via email.

For more freeze-dried fun, check out this awesome tutorial from Brandy's Happy Home to give your doll a complete astronaut meal! 😋

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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