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Something Unique In The Boutique - New Collection from Little Gloriana and Doll Days

Luciana strolled through town, smiling as the sunshine fell upon her face. It was a beautiful Friday morning, and Luci planned to meet up with her friends to go admire the new spring fashions that arrived in the shops.

A flash of red hair could be seen around the corner, and Ella Paige soon appeared with the new girl in town, Shelby, following behind her.

"Hello, Ella Paige! Hi there, Shelby!" Luciana waved.

"Hello!" replied the girls.

Ella Paige, Shelby, and Luciana gathered in front of the new shop to exchange greetings. "Look, girls!" Luciana said, pointing to a chalkboard sign. "There's a release today! The boutique has new fashions from Little Gloriana."

"Oh, we just have to go inside!" Ella Paige squeals with excitement. "C'mon!"

Luciana reached for the doorknob, and the friends rushed into the boutique.

However, they all stopped upon entering.

"WOW!" Luciana gasps.

"Just look at this place!" said Shelby, eyes wide.

The little shop was full of surprises; the girls were in awe! A stylish dress here, a pair of sparkly shoes there... Luciana and her pals couldn't wait to start shopping!

On a clothes rack nearby, something unique caught Luciana's eye. It was a galaxy dress! She rushed over and held the dress up for a closer look. "It's from Little Gloriana, and just my size!" Luci exclaimed. "I definitely need this for Space Camp this summer!"

Luciana wasn't the only one who made a great find. Over in the corner, Shelby stood admiring another Little Gloriana design. "This would look so pretty with my eyes! Not to mention that galaxy prints are so in style right now."

On the other side of the shop, shoes and tissue paper surrounded Ella Paige's chair. She was the first to discover the boutique's accessory selection, and was already head-over-heels for a pair of space sneakers. "What can I say? Luciana has started a trend!"

Luciana walked over to where Shelby and Ella Paige stood chatting about their finds. "I think we all found something we love!" Luci giggled as she saw her friends' full arms. "Let's go change." suggested Ella Paige.

Luciana, Shelby, and Ella Paige returned from the dressing room looking fabulous in their new outfits; the shopping trip was a true success! It was the perfect day to find something unique in the boutique.

* * *

I'm so excited to finally share this project with all of you! For the past few months, Little Gloriana and I have been working together for a special collaboration project- an exclusive galaxy collection that I designed! I would have never dreamed that one day I would design a dress for such an awesome company. This has been such an incredible experience, and it was an honor to get to work with Gloriana and her team!

Luci and Shelby's dresses are both made with love in New York by LG.

The detail Little Gloriana puts into her doll clothes is amazing! I absolutely love the galaxy print. It's so in style this year.

The Black Mini Galaxy Dress is perfect for fans of Luciana and outer space!

Look for the Purple Mini Galaxy Dress coming soon!

Purchase the Mini Galaxy Dress TODAY at! And as a thank-you for being a Doll Days follower, receive an extra 15% off using the code DOLLDAYSBLOG.

From Little Gloriana and Doll Days, happy shopping!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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