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Josefina's Kitchen and Bedroom Tour

Ready for our next dollhouse tour?

Today, we'll be sharing DollBaker24's latest American Girl interior design project...

Welcome to Josefina's Rancho! Last Christmas, my Mom and I surprised DollBaker24 with Josefina, along with a few of her classic (and now rare) furniture sets and accessories. My sister also received a dollhouse addition, so it seemed only right to transform this space into a kitchen and bedroom for Josefina.

We had no idea that a table and chairs set existed in Josefina's collection! After discovering it on the AG Wiki, I searched ebay and found this set in great condition. It's real wood, which is not something you'll find often with most 18 inch doll furniture today.

Ah, look! Josefina has returned with milk from the goats. Hola, Josefina!

Hola, mi amigos!

On the table is a woven cloth, a bright potted plant, and Josefina's oven accessories. DollBaker24 made the window on the back wall using foam board, river stones, and a picture of a New Mexican desert.

Speaking of the oven, we also had to purchase this from eBay as it is no longer available from American Girl. You can always trust eBay if you're looking for a sold out AG item!

DollBaker24 thought it would be nice to elevate the oven off the ground and also provide more storage in Josie's kitchen. The storage cubicle holds jars of spices and berries for Josefina's cooking creations, along with a mortar and pestle to crush spices. You might even spy the freshly baked bread in the basket below!

Josefina is very observant of nature, so hanging up flowers and herbs displayed a bit of her personality.

On the other side of the rancho is Josefina's bedroom! DollBaker24 chose a soft blue color for the walls. It gives Josefina's room a dreamy feel.

DollBaker24 collected a few Josefina's items during christmas, but also received several things for her birthday, such as the red bedside table! Can you guess where we found that particular item at? Good ol' eBay!

On the bed lies Niña, Josefina's beloved doll, and a set of blue pillows I sewed. Surprisingly, they almost exactly match the wall color!

Josefina's Pappa plays the violin, and DollBaker24 loved adding this piece to the room! It was fun to see how many elements we could incorporate from her story.

Thank you for joining us on a tour of Josefina's rancho! Which room is your favorite- the kitchen or bedroom? Leave a comment and let us know!


-American Girl Doll Crafter

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