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Camp Recap - Week 1 - Doll STEM Camp 2018

It's been an amazing Check-In Week at Doll STEM Camp 2018! This week's focus was helping your doll settle in, meet new friends, and maybe even pick out a souvenir or two!

Each Sunday, we'll be sharing a recap of the week, along with the fabulous photos that our campers send in. If you missed a craft, no worries! Check here for a full list of the Check-In activities.

Crafts from Week 1: Check-In

Let's see what your doll has been up to at camp in today's Camp Recap.

Photo by AgDucklover and AgMusician12 - Luciana and Harley are ready for STEM camp!

Photo by DollPandaLover - Luciana is so excited for Doll STEM Camp and can't wait to share the amazing crafts and art projects with her friends and family. Luciana says that the best part about Doll STEM Camp is that she never has to leave home, but she can still make friends with all of you.

Photo by AymarabellaAG - Deciding what to hang where, and sharing dreams, as the girls get settled into STEM camp.

Photo by My_ag_life_4_ever - Having some fun and making new friends at space camp.

Photo by JaniqueStarPorter

Photo by Apartofthenarrative - School is out, and the girls are ready for Doll STEM Camp 2018!

Thank you to all the campers who participated in this week's Camp Recap! We look forward to seeing more of your STEM Camp adventures next Sunday.

On Monday, we will start a new week, along with a new theme!

S is for Science- the first letter in the acronym "STEM". We have so many fun things planned. Super science crafts, activities, and facts for you and your doll are only the beginning!

Can't wait to "see" you there, campers!

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