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DlY Doll Rocket and Mission Control Station - Doll STEM Camp 2018

It’s launch day at Doll STEM Camp! Throughout the week we have been observing three different types of engineers. To complete the countdown of our rocket launch, let’s look at the job of the aerospace engineer.

Aerospace is defined as the topic of technology and industry in both aviation and space flight. An aeronautic engineer specializes in the perfection and design of aircraft. To help a shuttle fly smoothly in space, this engineer must develop many different parts, including the boosters. A rocket needs an immense amount of power in order to blast off into space. The extra thrust, or power, generated by various booster stages allows the rocket to leave the atmosphere and enter outer space. In Serial Staging, a small rocket is placed on top of a booster rocket. Once ignited at launch, the bottom rocket will continue to thrust upward until the fuel runs out. The small rocket on top is then fired and disconnects from the bottom booster. However, most modern rockets use Parallel Staging. In Parallel Staging, the main rocket has two smaller boosters attached on each side. When the rocket is launched, the two small boosters propell the rocket, then detach after fuel runs out. The main rocket keeps going until it reaches space

While our doll's rocket may not actually leave the atmosphere, it's sure to fly high with a little imagination! Grab your materials for today's camp activity.


Empty water bottle

Spray paint or craft paint


Foam board

X-acto knife or cutting tool

Hot glue gun

Stickers (optional)

1. For the body of the rocket, spray paint or paint your empty water bottle the color of your choice.

2. Cut three small triangles from cardstock for the rocket fins, then glue to the sides of the bottle.

3. Trace the bottom of a large cup or canister onto cardstock. Cut out the circle, then cut off nearly half from each side.

Glue where the two side meet to create cone. Secure the cone with hot glue on top of the rocket.

4. For the next step, be creative and have fun decorating your rocket! Paint designs, add stickers or gems- use what YOU have on hand to make your rocket unique!

5. The rocket will need somewhere to blast off, and a launchpad is just the place. Carefully cut a 6 x 6 inch square of foam board. Draw a line in the middle on each side. Trace a circle in the center of the square and write an "L" to represent "launchpad". Outline the launchpad with the color of your choice.

Bonus Craft

Take play to the next level with our bonus craft- a doll mission control station!

Print the Mission Control template and carefully cut out two of the foam board pieces. You will also need to cut a 9.5 x 10.5 inch rectangle for the back, and a

9 x 6 inch rectangle for the top panel.

Glue the two sides onto the back rectangle. Glue the top panel on the slanted sides.

Print out the Mission Control Screen, color, and glue on the top panel.

With creativity as our fuel, and imagination as your guide, let's count down to launch and watch the rocket soar high!

Camp Conversations - Episode 6

The day was here- it was the launch of Team Odyssey's model rocket!

Each camper was filled with nervous excitement as they anticipated the big event. Luciana walked to the launchpad beside Ella, who was carrying the rocket in her arms. Johanna and Meg were back inside the lab, working as commanders for the mission.

"Luci to Johanna," Luciana said, performing a test with her headset. "Can you hear me?"

"Yes, loud and clear, Luciana!" Johanna replied.

"We have arrived at the launchpad. I will message again when the rocket is prepared for launch. Luci, out!"

Luciana watched as Ella cautiously adjusted the nose of rocket.

"Everything seems to be in place." Ella said with a thumbs-up. "I think we're good to go! Send Johanna the signal."

Luciana smiled, announcing in the microphone, "Luci to Johanna. Prepare for launch in two minutes."

Johanna pressed the ignition button and set the timer.

"T-minus two minutes until launch. Johanna and Meg over and out."

As the time began to tick, Luciana reached for Ella's hand.

"Are you ready?"

Ella gave Luciana a friendly squeeze back.

"Yes, all thanks to you, Luci."

"Launch in T-minus thirty seconds," said Johanna through the headset.

It was about to happen. The day had been building up to this moment.

"Launch in T-minus 15 seconds!"

'Here we go!' Luci thought to herself.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4...




Noise cracked through Johanna's headset. Meg held her breath as Johanna tried to reset the connection.

"Johanna to Luci, Johanna to Luci. Can you hear me?"

Everything was silent...

"Yes, Commander!" Luciana's voice burst through at last.

"Team Odyessy's Launch was a success!"

Luciana and Ella watched in awe as the rocket soared up, up, and away!

Shouts of triumph and squeals of delight could be heard through the headsets. Johanna and Meg busted out into a happy dance, while Luciana and Ella hugged and gave each other high-fives. Anything is possible with friends by your side!

Mission Accomplished!

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