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Math Week - DlY Doll Math Chalkboard - Doll STEM Camp 2018

When you work out math problems at school, you might be allowed the occasional convenience of using a calculator. It can quickly decipher complicated equations with just the press of a button!

NASA scientists have to do their own math too, but calculators weren't invented yet when the first rocket was sent into space. How did they manage to make the correct calculations? Large chalkboards solved that problem!

Huge chalkboards allowed mathematicians at NASA a lot of room for working out necessary equations. In fact, the chalkboards were so large that they would have to use ladders to reach the top! Perhaps one of the most well-known and beloved NASA mathematicians is Katherine Johnson. On a daily basis, she solved problems concerning the physics and flight of a rocket. Katherine overcame many obstacles when working at NASA, and her story can be seen in the film Hidden Figures. To this day, she remains an inspiring STEM role model for girls everywhere!

Is your doll ready to test her math skills? Today, we have a special guest crafter. Please welcome back to Doll STEM Camp 2018, Brandy from Brandy's Happy Home! Brandy has created an adorable and realistic chalkboard craft for all of our campers!


Visit Brandy's blog for a full tour of her Doll STEM Room featuring the NASA chalkboards!

This craft is super simple and so cute! Simply cut out the printable and attach to your doll's wall with tape. There are two different ways to arrange the chalkboards: side by side as shown above...

...or connected together to create one large chalkboard!

You can give your chalkboard a 3D effect by adding a strip of foam board at the bottom to hold chalk.

Meg and Luciana were feeling inspired by Katherine Johnson, so they decided to rock her smart look with glasses!

Meg found a stack of Mathematics books for Luciana to study!

Meanwhile, Luci is busy writing calculations on the chalkboard.

"Phew, so many numbers! Just imagine- Katherine Johnson did this for her job every day!"

"Hmm... carry the 5, divided by the square root of 36... And that's it! My calculations are correct!"

Special thanks to Brandy's Happy Home for hosting today's craft!

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