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Moonwalk Math - Doll STEM Camp 2018

'What goes up, must come down." That classic phrase is the perfect example for the great force of gravity!

Unlike on earth, there is no gravity in space to hold things in place. Gravity is a planet's force that draws objects to its center. The pull of gravity is what causes our solar system to orbit around the sun. No matter how high you jump or how fast an object is propelled in the sky, gravity is the reason everything returns to earth!

Video of the first moonwalk

However, once you leave the earth's atmosphere, gravity undergoes a major change. In fact, there's hardly any gravity at all! Because of microgravity, objects (and astronauts!) float around freely. Gravity is different on other planets, too. A person that weighs 100 pounds on earth would weigh only 17 pounds on the moon, and just 38 lbs on Mars!

Let's do some Moonwalk Math with Luciana!

On Earth: 310 lb On the Moon: 51 lb

The average astronaut in full gear and suit weighs about 310 pounds. In comparison, the suit weighs a mere 80 pounds on the moon! I'm sure the astronauts are grateful for microgravity- imagine trying to walk on earth wearing all of that!

On Earth: 25 lb On the Moon: 4 lb

Lifting heavy weights on earth can be a challenge, but if you happen to visit the moon, exercising is easy! A 25 pound weight would weigh 4 pounds up in space.

On Earth: 20 lb On the Moon: 3 lb

With her heavy space suit on, Luciana can hardly manage to bend down and pick up Orion, but thanks to microgravity in space, she lift Orion with ease!

Want to calculate your weight on the moon? Follow the equation below to do your own Moonwalk Math!

(Your weight) x .165 = Your Weight on the Moon

To see how much you would weigh in a space suit on the moon, simply add 310 to your weight and solve with the original equation.

After doing some calculations of my own, an American Girl doll would weigh 0.1815 ounces in space- that's extremely light! If you ever plan on visiting the moon, don't let go of your doll!

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