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Camp Recap - Week 5 - Doll STEM Camp 2018

Week 5 at Doll STEM Camp is coming to a close! This week's focus was all about the numbers as we discovered the amazing world of math!

Each Sunday, we'll be sharing a recap of the week, along with the fabulous photos that our campers send in. If you missed a craft, no worries! Check here for a full list of the Check-In activities.

Crafts from Week 5: Math

Let's see what your doll has been up to at camp in today's Camp Recap.​

Photo by Patricia P. - Our girls were all ready for the Rocket Launch! Thank you for the awesome STEM craft idea!

Photo by Jana C. - My 6 daughters have had such a fun stem camp this summer! Thanks for all your ideas and crafts. I hope you enjoy their pictures, there are so many more I didn’t post but we have really enjoyed all the fun facts, learning and crafts! You have made these last few weeks so enjoyable, Thanks!

Photo by mrsjshomeforimaginarygirls - All that extra math practice helped the girls with a breakthrough in their calculations! The girls had fun doing STEM camp sweet atomic structure activity today. Summer: "Maybe this should be C12H22O11 H2O! Lol! YUM!" Probably because she wants more gum drops to eat!

Photo by simplyallgirl - Luciana setting up her telescope. She will be doing a little star gazing tonight. This is just one of the many fun things she has been doing at STEM camp.

Photo by Holly Christmas - My granddaughter and I finally got time to recap some of her favorite space camp activities. She helped to make a 1/3 toilet paper roll into a holder for the test tubes . Plus we used a dish soap lid instead of a round bead.

Thank you to all the campers who participated in this week's Camp Recap! We look forward to seeing more of your STEM Camp adventures next Sunday.

On Monday, we will begin the final week of Doll STEM Camp!

We're celebrating our awesome summer of STEM with dreams, achievements, and the graduation ceremony!

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