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Graduation Week - DlY Doll Winners Podium and Awards - Doll STEM Camp 2018

Our summer of STEM is almost complete! We've come so far and learned so much. Let's celebrate our achievements during graduation week!

When time at camp is coming to an end, there's one thing every camper anticipates with excitement- the awards and graduation ceremony. This is a time to honor accomplishments and also hand out a prize or two! Let's prepare a winners podium for our dolls to show off their blue ribbons!


  • A long box (American Girl doll boxes work good)

  • A smaller box that will fit on top of the larger box

  • Spray Paint or paint

  • Winners Podium Labels

  • Hot glue gun

  • Stickers, gems, or decorative tape (Optional)

Note: If you do not have an American Girl box on hand, don't worry! Make your own box by following the measurements and using cardboard.

I didn't have a small box for the second level of the podium, so I made one from foam board!

1. Assemble your boxes with the smaller one in the middle on top of the larger box. Secure with hot glue.

2. Paint or spray paint the podium any color of your choice.

3. Print out the winners labels and glue accordingly. Decorate with washi tape or stickers for a little sparkle!

4. To make the awards, print the Award Ribbons Printable and carefully cut out. Use a hole punch to make the hole for the ribbon.

Cut a 4 inch strip of ribbon and slide through the hole. Tie a knot to finish your prizes!

Camp Conversations - Episode 8

The day of the Graduation and Awards Ceremony has arrived! The entry hall is full with the buzz of voices chattering and campers observing each others projects.

Meg's eyes sparkle as she looks at a sleek, shining rocket.

Johanna wanders over to the hydroponics station and starts a friendly conversation about plants with a fellow camper.

Meanwhile, Ella focuses all her attention on driving a small rover.

"Hey, Ella!" Luciana says brightly as she approaches her teammate.

Ella smiles weakly and lets out a shaky breath.

Worry floods Luciana's thoughts. 'That's not like strong, confident Ella.'

"Are you alright?" asks Luciana.

"Yes!" Ella says, a little too quickly. Her shoulders slump and she turns away.

"No..." Ella admits. "Oh, Luci, I'm so worried. I just can't help it! We've all worked so hard, and I would hate for our research to be wasted if the team lost, and everyone would be so disappointed and-"

"Ella, slow down." Luciana says gently.

"Win or lose, we're still friends, right? And look around you. This..." Luciana says, gesturing about the room, "This is what's most important."

Ella's eyes looked up to the crowded space. Girls moved about the room, laughing, smiling and chatting together. It was hard to believe that only a few weeks ago, none of them had ever met. Each camper had something unique to offer, whether it be their friendship, knowledge, or STEM creations.

Ella smiled as Luciana whispered in her ear.

"We've already won."

Just then, a loud voice traveled through the room. A camp guide had stepped up on the podium with a silver microphone before her.

"Good evening, campers! Welcome to the Doll STEM Camp 2018 Awards Ceremony!" The hall erupted with cheers and shouts.

"We are very proud of how far our campers have come. It was an honor to watch you explore, discover, and grow in the fascinating world of STEM. Without further ado, it is time for the long-awaited event to begin- we wish you the best!"

A round of applause was followed after the short speech. The guide stepped off of the podium and adjusted her microphone, then began to announce the winners.

"The first team to receive an award has done an outstanding job in the lab, and truly grew in science. For their excellence in the topic of hydroponics, third place goes to... Team Stardust!"

A tall girl with blonde hair strutted up to the guide and thanked her for the ribbon. She then stepped up to the podium and waved- the room filled with cheers once again!

"Congratulations to Team Stardust!" The guide continued, "Our next team that earned an award has excelled in the field of engineering, from mechanical to chemical. The camp counselors are happy to present second place to..."

The crowd waited in silence.

"Team STEM Superstars!"

Another camper hopped up to the podium and grinned. "Hooray for Team STEM Superstars!"

"And now, for the final award, the first place blue ribbon! The team that will receive the grand prize has surely earned it. Though this team began with a few bumps in the road, they were able to come together and work as true scientists would. As a camp guide, I would like to mention that I am very proud of their perseverance and teamwork."

The camp counselor smiled and announced, "Congratulations to...

Luciana reached for Ella's hand with a gentle squeeze.

"The recipient of the blue ribbon..."

Johanna wrapped her arm around Meg in a hug. They both held their breath.

"The winner of Doll STEM Camp's Award Ceremony..."

Before they knew it, the whole team had gathered in a large group, huddling together as they waited before the guide.

"Team Odyssey!!!"

"We won, we really won!!" Meg cried.

A shower of confetti fell down as the entry hall echoed with applause. Johanna burst out into her ultimate happy dance. Ella laughed in amazement, and Luciana cheered.

After brushing confetti off their heads, the team was glowing with happiness.

Ella was beaming as she reached out to her friend. "Luci, we would like you to receive the award for our team."

Luciana smiled back, and walked towards the podium, blue ribbon in hand.

Team Odyssey had not only won an award and the respect of other campers,

but also the greatest prize- the gift of friendship.

And that is something always worth celebrating!

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