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Camp Recap - Week 6 - Doll STEM Camp 2018

For the final week of Doll STEM Camp, we celebrated with the graduation and awards ceremony. Over the past six weeks, countless crafts and stories were shared along with photos of our campers' adventures! Though posting new activities was fun, I always looked forward to seeing what you made when the Camp Recap arrived on Sundays!

Though Doll STEM Camp has officially ended, the posts will still be available to view! You can browse through the different articles by clicking the "Doll STEM Camp" tab in our blog header.

Crafts from Week 6: Graduation

Let's see what your doll has been up to at camp in today's Camp Recap.​

Photo by Sabrina L. - Thought we would share what we have been doing during stem camp. We decided to finally build our own Luciana Mars Habitat. We used your adorable posters you made in our habitat. You have some adorable crafts for the girls! Thanks for sharing!​

Photo by simplyallgirl - Luciana has really truly been enjoying STEM camp! She wishes it could last all year!

Photo by Aymara - Rocket launch and a celebration with some toy rockets.

Photo by Aymara - Here's a few pics from our last week of stem camp. We called our award ceremony "Stem Stars". Thanks for an awesome summer stem camp!

Photo by Jacqueline - Thank you so much for doing this camp. I made many of the crafts and really enjoyed it. Here are the pictures of my 4 campers. Luciana, Jodie, Amanda and Constance.

Photo by chelseas_dolls - Today we spent getting all of our stem camp stuff together for pics, still not finished. However took a small break from crafting and setting up just to play. Chelsea loves playing with the rocket so she set all the girls in chairs so they could watch the “blast off”. Even though she is not quite old enough to know all stem stuff but she is learning some things.

Photo by mrsjshomeforimaginarygirls - Summer, Luciana and Rylee. They just want to thank @dolldaysblog for a super stellar STEM camp! We all had a BLAST!

Once again, thank you so much for making our STEM-filled summer absolutely out-of-this-world! I can't wait to share more fun posts with you soon.

Until next time, campers!

-AG Doll Crafter

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