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Youtube Giveaway: Sushi Pajamas and Bracelet Set from American Girl

Did you hear? There's a new monthly giveaway over at our Youtube Channel! During the 4th week of each month, DollBaker24 unboxes a surprise American Girl item. Then she wraps it up (complete with a bow!) and sends the package off to one of you!

The winner of this Fun 4th Giveaway will receive the brand new Sushi Pajamas and BFF Bracelet Set from American Girl.

How cute are these mini bracelets? There's one for your doll, and one for her bestie!

And of course we can't forget the "This Is How We Roll" Pajamas! They're cute, cozy, and comfortable. Your doll is sure to stand out at the slumber parties in these pjs!

The top is a beautiful dreamy mint color, and Illustrations of sushi rolls and chopsticks embellish the front.

The shorts are my personal favorite! They are a bubblegum pink, with a sushi pattern similar to the one featured on the shirt.

Add pair of fuzzy mint slippers, and your doll is all prepared for a good night's sleep... or pillow fight! This is how we "roll" at bedtime! :D

There's not much time left- the giveaway ends in just THREE DAYS!! Don't miss out on your chance to win. Visit our Youtube Channel to enter the Fun 4th Giveaway!

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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