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Doll Schoolroom Tour 2018

It's been a while since I last shared a room tour, and I think it's safe to say that the dollhouse has grown since then!

Last Christmas, I was super thankful to have received another addition to the dollhouse, consisting of two separate spaces. The other area is yet to be revealed, but for now, I can't wait to share with you the progress that's been made in the doll schoolroom!

The classroom is where students explore amazing subjects and expand their knowledge through discovering new things! This important place needed to be extra special for our dolls- it had to be packed with amazing activities that would inspire them to learn! Okay, well maybe the dolls don't actually learn that much, but they still enjoy hanging out in the classroom. :)

Upon first entering the school, our students will come across the lab. The sleek experiment counter is actually Maryellen's Kitchen Island, which I made using a tutorial from American Girl Ideas. This piece is so versatile, and works wonderfully in the lab! I hope to eventually paint the floors of the schoolroom to make the counter really "pop".

The astronomy tri-fold board is from American Girl, as are the books seen in the back corner. Along the island of the counter stand two purple microscopes and a model volcano, all of which came in various Our Generation school sets. The doll microscopes actually light up! Biology is one of my courses this year, and today I observed plant cells under the microscope. It's fun to think that my dolls can also do the same in their own lab!

On the side wall by the counter is a large green chalkboard, one of our crafts from Doll STEM Camp this year. Underneath are several multicolor storage bins purchased at Hobby Lobby.

In the center of the room, a white rolling cart displays chemistry instruments and mixtures. There's so many little details! Our Generation did a fantastic job with the school science kit. Hopefully the dolls will remember to exercise caution by wearing their safety glasses when they mix up solutions! :P

To the far right of the classroom is the study area, where students review their lessons and complete assignments.

An OG Periodic Table of the Elements and inspirational posters from Doll STEM Camp are attached to the side wall.

On the desks lie several folders, books, and a pencil or two. The backpacks and papers are all from American Girl school sets, as well as the desks themselves.

Model planets made from painted foam balls hang above the telescope. Ever since Luciana stopped by the classroom, our dolls have been very interested in the field of astronomy!

The electric green American Girl locker stores the dolls' books, backpacks, and possibly a few other mysterious things- you never know what you'll find in the there! The class skeleton named Mr. Bones (who is always willing to lend a hand) stands guard by the locker.

And on top of the locker is the pupils' most prized possession, Chester! The small hamster poses proudly in his wheel, but don't let those chubby cheeks and sparkly eyes fool you- remember what happened at the Pet Shop?

Thanks for stopping by the Doll Days Academy! The class enjoyed showing you around. For an even closer look at the Doll Schoolroom, watch DollBaker24 set up the scene in her newest Youtube video!

What is your favorite subject in school?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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