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GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson - First Items Leaked!

When American Girl reserved the trademark "Blaire Wilson" in January of 2018, many ideas and speculations were made concerning the name- was this title for a possible 1980s Beforever doll? The next contemporary character? Well, as of today, we can finally put those rumors to rest! The first GOTY 2019 item has leaked, confirming that the next Girl of The Year is indeed Blaire Wilson!

Blaire's Meet Accessories are shown in the photo above, which was found on the Chinese shopping website, Tao Bao. Judging by this set, I think it's safe to say that Blaire is a farm girl! The postcard in the left corner has "Pleasant View Farms" written across the front; this is most likely where Blaire Wilson lives. A party planner sheet is seen next to a clipboard, along with decorative stickers, a tablet, and a tote bag containing wildflowers.

The following images are courtesy of Poppets and Posies.

If the first leak didn't convince you of Blaire's possible farm theme, then check out her pet. It's a polka dot pig! I love how creative American Girl is when it comes to GOTY pets- Kanani's seal, Lea's sloth, Luciana's robotic dog, and now Blaire's pig!

However, it appears that since Blaire lives on a farm, her collection will have several animals including a fluffy little lamb.

Blaire's baby sheep reminds me of Felicity's lamb, Posie.

A gardening apron, gloves, and a sun hat will most likely be in Blaire's collection as well.

The apron has a shabby-chic style. I hope the remaining items of Blaire collection will also be of a similar look!

Blaire Wilson will be released on January 1st, 2019. Check back here for the latest updates and leaks as we follow the story of Blaire Wilson, Girl of the Year 2019!

I could not be anymore excited for Blaire Wilson! I've wanted a farm Girl of the Year for, well... years. It's going to be very interesting to see what Blaire's big ticket item will be- a tractor, I hope? Most likely not, but hey, a country girl can dream!

What is your personal opinion of Blaire Wilson?

-American Girl Doll Crafter

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