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Molly's Debut at Costco - Doll and Items LEAKED!

A popular rumor has stated that Beforever Molly will release on October 10th in Costco stores only. A recent leak may confirm this rumor to be true!

The following photos belong to eBay seller kayta127.

Previous AG Characters such as Caroline and Samantha have been sold in exclusive packages like this one at Costco. That leads us to believe that Molly might be available for purchase at Costco stores only, but at the time, it's unclear.

The exclusive package includes the 18 inch Beforever Molly, Molly's accessories, and the Write To Sleep pajamas.

The new Beforever Molly retains many similar characteristics to the original Pleasant Company doll, while the bright and colorful outfit fits into the Beforever theme. Her eyes are grey, and sadly, they appear to be the new eyes that gaze downward! Her brown hair is pulled back into two braids, and she wears a navy sweater, a plaid skirt, and red saddle shoes.

Molly's accessories are almost the exact same as the original set!

The hat has been changed to a very bright red, and her locket has the updated American Girl clasp.

The "Write to Sleep" pajamas are a soft blue color with a letter and star print. However, I can't make out what the navy and pink spots are- any guesses? The slippers are certainly very fluffy!

The back of the Costco Package features a picture of Molly and a model reading Molly's first revamped book.

Also included in the package is a free coupon for Molly's second book- but look closely. The coupon reads redeemable during October 1st, 2018 - January 31st, 2019. Was October 1st the original set date for Molly's debut? Perhaps this was just for printing purposes, or did American Girl push back the release due to the drop in sales?

I was really excited for Molly's relaunch this year- a fresh look, the idea of a possible new collection, different book covers. However, after Felicity's small

re-release and the current decline in American Girl's quality, I must admit that I'm not quite over-the-moon for Olly Molly anymore.

Did you notice that Molly's Meet outfit resembles a much older outfit from her previous collection? I wonder why American Girl chose to base her new outfit on the original Sweater and Skirt Set... I really want to love the "new" Molly, but it'd be a lie to say that I didn't wish that her updated look had been a bit more creative.

What's your opinion on Beforever Molly? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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