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Creating Tillie - Fixing and Customizing An Old American Girl Doll

Don't you love to see something old and in need of repair totally transformed into something new? That's exactly what DollBaker24 had in mind when my sisters and I found an American Girl Doll at the local thrift shop for $4!

This poor gal is Truly Me #33, and was in desperate need of some TLC! Her hair was thick and matted, not to mention several thick smudges of makeup on her face and arms. We could definitely say that this doll had seen better days!

As for #33's limbs, DollBaker24 was pleasantly surprised to find that they were not loose. Secure arms and legs aren't an often occurrence in dolls that show up in the thrift shop, so this saved us a good amount of time in the restoration process.

When we returned home, still thrilled and excited over our find, then the real work began.

33's body didn't smell incredibly bad at all. However, DollBaker24 had set out to make this doll as good as new, and that's exactly what she planned to accomplish! She left the doll in a bag with a fabric softener sheet overnight, curing the scent for good.

The next step was to remove the sticky coat of makeup from her face and any excess dirt on the limbs. This actually proved easier said than done! DollBaker24 and I spent a good 45 minutes scrubbing away using a magic eraser, but WOW, her vinyl looked nearly brand new! Magic erasers work wonders when it comes to AG dolls.

After coming to the conclusion that the doll's hair would be fairly hard to repair, DollBaker24 picked out a beautiful walnut brown wig from Zazou Dolls for her custom. It's so thick and soft, and fit the doll perfectly.

The doll had been cleaned, her wig attached, but one last was thing missing- this custom needed a name! Now, DollBaker24 had been considering several names, but "Tillie" came about by an accident of some sort. I had been calling the doll by that name from the start as a joke, much to the slight annoyance of DollBaker24. Nobody preferred adorable Tillie over "Charlotte" or "Brooklyn" at the time, and I thought all hope was lost.

But soon...

DollBaker24: "Hey, I'm going to glue on Tillie's- uh, I meant... the custom doll's wig."

And so Tillie stuck. ;) LOL!

DollBaker24 adores her first custom American Girl doll, and I think she turned out super cute, too!

Tillie is a creative food vlogger with a hunger to travel the world! She loves to try new meals from every place she visits, and then shares the experience with her friends on her Youtube Channel. Tillie is curious, kind, and upbeat. Give her a taco, and you'll be her new best friend!

Check out the full restoration video on DollBaker24's YT Channel!

Where you surprised to see Tillie's total transformation? Have you ever made a custom doll before? Share in the comments!

-AG Doll Crafter

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