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GOTY 2019 Book Cover Leaked! - Blaire Wilson

After many months of waiting, we finally have an idea of what GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson will look like- her book cover leaked today on Scholastic!

Photo: Poppets and Posies

The short summary of Blaire's book says, "Blaire is helping to plan a wedding at her family's farm and inn, but it's a lot to handle!"

On the front cover, Blaire is pictured in a wedding scene with mountains in the background. She has a tablet in one hand and holds a Silkie Chicken (Eeeee!) wearing a bowtie. A small brown goat tugs playfully at Blaire's white dress. Blaire has light skin, wavy dark red hair with ginger highlights, and deep green eyes.

If Blaire and her pets are this cute on the cover, I can only imagine how adorable her collection will be in real life! As for now, the Blaire Wilson 18 inch doll is yet to be leaked, but many rumors state that she will have very green eyes and the Marie Grace face-mold. Based off of the short book summary, we know that Blaire is a farm girl, and her family owns an inn (possibly like a wedding venue?).

Blaire Wilson sounds like the GOTY of my dreams- a chicken-loving farm girl? Yes, count me in!

Check back here for the latest news on Girl of The Year 2019, Blaire Wilson!

What are your personal thoughts on Blaire Wilson?

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