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Blaire Wilson Doll and Collection LEAKED! - GOTY 2019

The American Girl community is going wild over the latest leaks of Blaire Wilson, Girl of the Year 2019! The 18 inch Blaire was leaked today along with her collection. Spoilers are ahead, so beware if you've been hoping to keep Blaire a surprise. Otherwise, take a look at the upcoming farm girl GOTY!

Blaire Wilson Doll and Book

The Blaire Wilson 18 inch doll has curly copper red hair, green eyes, and the Josefina mold. Her meet outfit includes a white dress with a honeybee print

speckled throughout, a flower hair clip, purple sandals, and a bright yellow scarf bracelet. The Josefina mold has been used for the past three GOTY dolls (Gabriela as an exception), and Blaire will be the fourth doll to keep up the continuation of this mold.

Blaire's Accessories

This accessory set was leaked a while back, but now we have a better look at the distinct items included in the set. Blaire's accessories include a tote bag, several sticker sheets, an tablet with interchangeable screens, one clipboard, and a cluster of lavender flowers.

Blaire's Special Occasion (Bridesmaid?) Dress

This soft and elegant dress fits right in with Blaire's wedding-planner theme. Blaire will most likely wear this dress when her family hosts weddings on their farm. The high-low dress is a powder blue with a delicate lace overlay, and a pair of pink scallop shoes are included. Blaire wears a pale pink choker necklace with a faux flower headband.

Blaire's Pajamas

I love how Blaire's pajamas are simple, yet dreamy and sweet! She'll be ready to rise in these comfy jammies when the rooster crows. The top is a light purple with a pair of ruffled patterned sleep shorts and pom pom slippers.

Blaire's Pink Peplum Outfit

I'm not quite sure that I could envision this in Blaire's collection if she wasn't the doll modeling it! :P It seems a little different, but I'm interested to see how the outfit will appear in her storyline. Included with this ensemble is one long, pink peplum top, purple leggings, a pair of peach sandals, and a peach rick-rack headband.

Blaire's Overall Outfit

My word, this is the cutest doll outfit! Blaire is sporting a pair of short-alls, a blue and white striped boat neck top and pale green choker, and teal rain boots. This outfit truly embodies the modern farm gal- they don't mind getting down in the dirt, but they like to look good while they're doing it. ;)

Blaire's Farmhouse and Pergola

They say, "Save the best for last", but I couldn't wait on this one! Blaire's big ticket item is an outdoor pergola and mini farmhouse- how adorable! There are so many items included, but I'm sure the price will be steep. However, I do notice that the big furniture pieces appear to be plastic... hopefully that will help bring down the cost?

Blaire's Gardening Accessories

Blaire's gardening apron was leaked several weeks ago as well, and we now know that it is officially part of her collection. The retro-style apron is pink with a flower print, and a sun hat and gardening gloves are also included.

Blaire's Garden AND Chicken(!!!)

Let's be honest- the Silkie chicken is the reason why this set is so awesome. :P In all seriousness though, check out Blaire's flower garden! The Pleasant View Farms logo is printed across the light green garden box, and several fake flowers/herbs are included along with a bright orange watering can and teal shovel. But most importantly, there's a chicken!! Oh my goodness, I can't begin to express how excited I am to see a GOTY that loves chickens like I do! Would it be bad if I wanted this set just for the Silkie? ;)

Blaire's Piglet

Although we have seen Blaire's piggy in a previous leak, it's always fun to see items in more detail. I love the spots and unique coloring! It's definitely different than your normal pink pig.

Blaire's Lamb

Blaire is beginning to rival Lea Clark for the Girl of the Year with the most pets! Her plush lamb is wearing a teal flower collar that pops against its white fleece.

Wedding Venue and Dessert Set

This is very puzzling to me... Yes, Blaire is helping to plan a wedding on the farm- that's understandable. Yet I'm not sure why American Girl chose to make this part of her story into an actual set. However, the arbor would be cute in a doll garden scene, and the various pieces on their own could be used for other photoshoots!

GOTY 2019 Book 2: Blaire Cooks Up A Plan

The second cover in Blaire's book series was leaked as well, giving us a hint that Blaire puts her farm harvest products to use!

And to end this exciting post, here's a more clear picture of Blaire's first book.

Wow, that was a lot to take in! However, I couldn't be more excited for American Girl's first "true" farm doll. DollBaker24 and I are already debating if we should spend our birthdays at the American Girl Store for Blaire's release- what do you think?

Are you excited for Blaire Wilson? What is your favorite item in her collection?

-AG Doll Crafter

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