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Meet Blaire - GOTY 2019 Debuts!

Say hello to Girl of The Year 2019, Blaire Wilson! It's official, she's finally here!!

Isn't she just beautiful? Blaire's color palette and graphic design has me in awe. It's so fresh and cheerful. Of course, there's the Silkie chicken again! I am absolutely head-over-heels for that chicken. :P

The 18 inch Blaire doll has curly red hair with an auburn tin (it is darker than Maryellen's), dark green eyes, and comes wearing a white honeybee dress, purple shoes, a yellow bracelet, and flower hair clip.

Oh so cute!

Blaire's Farmhouse Kitchen is $300, but includes many fun pieces and is very versatile.

Truly Me also received several items this release, with the theme being "Summer Camp".

Now, how amazing is this? She is the real life Blaire Wilson! Visit Blaire's play page to read her blog and watch a cooking tutorial by Blaire herself.

View Blaire's World

My sisters and I will be visiting American Girl Orlando on January 4th, and we all couldn't be more excited! What is your favorite item from Blaire's collection? Will you be going to her release?

-AG Doll Crafter

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