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Blaire Wilson's Release at American Girl Orlando - January 2019

Excited. Delighted. Thrilled. Exhilarated!

That's exactly how I felt as this bright red building came into view!

This year, DollBaker24 and I celebrated our birthday by visiting the American Girl store in Orlando for Blaire's release. It's nice to be born in January, but even more so if you love American Girl. ;) Today, I'll be sharing photos from our birthday trip, and check out our Youtube Channel for DollBaker24's video tour! Let's jump right in.

It was a big surprise to walk in the store and see Luciana's displays. Normally American Girl retires the previous Girl of The Year in order to make room for the new doll, but Luciana will supposedly be available for the remainder of 2019.

Take a look at Blaire's corner of the AGP! There's just something special about seeing the Girl of The Year in person for the first time, and Blaire was no different. My sisters and I immediately dispersed throughout her section!

I know I'm not the only one who loves the store photo ops! American Girl hit it out of the park with Blaire- the scene was made to resemble Blaire's doll farmhouse, and it was so amazing.

Here's Blaire! Her hair color is much darker than Maryellen's, and similar to Truly Me #61 but with a pink tint. Also, Blaire's skin is notably lighter and more peach-toned than past AG dolls, but I think it works well with her striking red curls.

The "wedding display" was not something I particularly rushed to see, however, I must admit that this set is actually pretty cute in person. It still puzzles me though- why do dolls need wedding decor, cake, or weddings in general? :P

Although, I really think that garden arbor is beginning to grow on me... What can I say? I love unique doll props!

Blaire's junior bridesmaid dress is a soft periwinkle, making her red hair pop! The tiny sequin stitching was something I hadn't noticed in online pictures. It's nice to see small details like that, especially from American Girl.

The wedding cake included with the set, set atop a pale lavender table.

Ok, so the Doll Days fam wasn't too impressed with this outfit on release day, but somehow, everything looks very different in the American Girl Store!

If the tunic top had been a dress, I might have been tempted to buy it.

But alas, Blaire's overall outfit won the day! Now how preppy and cute does she look, all decked out in her gardening accessories? I can see this outfit being a real winner for American Girl. The herb garden was bigger than I expected, which is nice considering how low to the ground it is.

Don't you just adore this sweet, innocent little piggy? He's totally not reaching in Blaire's basket to steal herbs. ;)

A experienced chicken keeper may be able to tell you that this is a Silkie Chicken, but it was hilarious to watch other customers try and guess what creature it was!

Blaire seems to have a good bit of purple tones in her collection, such as her pajamas. They're certainly soft and dreamy, and look suitable for a modern farm girl. I love the Tinkerbell slippers!

For those of you who might have been wondering what phrase was on the shirt, here's a up-close look at the pajama top for girls with a graphic that reads: "Let your mind bloom".

Blaire's bag for girls would be a fun way to show your farming spirit while toting around fresh veggies, eggs, dolls, or whatever you like to tote around. ;)

The family restaurant, in all its farmhouse glory!

The farmhouse is incredible! There's countless accessories, several furniture pieces, and not to mention it's the closest to a dollhouse that American Girl has ever made.

Little faux lights hang from corner to corner underneath the pergola.

The windows open so Blaire can serve up fresh meals.

It's a sweet little place, so airy and bright!

There's a serving cart that actually rolls can hold various meals and dishes for the restaurant's hungry customers.

A menu on the side states the daily special.

The back side houses the kitchen sink and stove.

Flowers, pots, and containers line the countertop.

The farmhouse includes picture frames and a sheet of stickers that can be placed throughout the space.

Over in the Truly Me section, we were able to see the latest release featuring items for summertime.

Did you know that the "water" in the pool is actually a soft mat? I bet that makes for easy storage!

New swimsuits were modeled by Truly Me dolls.

Dolls in action filled the display cases!

The camp cabin seemed to be a popular item. Many girls were interested in this set, and the bright colors are very eye-catching!

A Truly Me doll sported the newest spring fashions...

While other dolls prepared for a western ride near the stables.

(DollBaker24's custom doll, Tillie, posing for a photo)

And so after a delicious lunch, browsing the store once more, and making final purchases, our trip to the American Girl store came to an end. Farewell, AG Orlando! Until we meet again...

But the excitement was far from over! The drive home was just as pleasant as we girls rummaged through our bags and opened each gift. If you're interested to find out what we bought on our annual American Girl trip, stay tuned for a video from DollBaker24.

There possibly might be a new gal hanging around the dollhouse as well, he he! ;)

See you soon!

-AG Doll Crafter

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