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Introducing Lottie and her Farmyard Friends

In all honesty, I did not plan returning home from the AG Store with Blaire Wilson. Yet somehow, after a walk amongst her collection, those irresistible auburn curls and sparkling green eyes won me over!

Say hello Charlotte, affectionately called Lottie. As you well know, it can be a challenge to find a doll with nearly-normal eyes, but I'm quite content with Miss Lottie's almost-perfect gaze.

And did you hear the news? American Girl is returning to the old eyes, in addition to offering a free eye exchange for dolls with the new eyes! While I do wish that Lottie had the classic eyes, I think I'm too attached to part with her now.

Imaginative and curious, Lottie has made many friends with the farm animals (especially a piglet by the name of Wilbur, and a certain spider). If she's not daydreaming in the barn, Lottie's sure to be found tending to her flowers and vegetables near the garden shed.

When Lottie moved to the dollhouse, she brought her furry (and feathered) friends with her- she's a very enthusiastic chicken-keeper. Lottie cares greatly for her hens and one rooster, and in return, I think they've become pretty fond of her too!

Life on the farm isn't always a breeze, but for Lottie, each new day is an adventure waiting to happen. She can't wait to make more appearances on the blog, and I absolutely can't wait to photograph her more.

See you all soon!

-AG Doll Crafter

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