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Doll Fixer Upper Episode - Meet Our Chip and Jo!

Are you ready to see your Fixer Upper?

How many of you have heard that phrase countless times! If you’re big fans of Chip and Jo, shiplap, and all things farmhouse, then get ready, because we have a Fixer Upper-worthy masterpiece that we can’t wait to share!

Recently, DollBaker24 participated in a doll film competition, and each week she was given a new theme to center her stop motion around. The most recent category was “Reality TV”, and of course, she just had to recreate one of our all-time favorite shows, Fixer Upper!

My sister and I had our own kind of demo day as worked together to design a space inspired by Joanna’s modern farmhouse style… only, everything had to fit to scale in an 18 inch doll room. It was challenging, but so much fun! In the end, I think we both agree that it turned out adorable, and as Joanna might say, “full of character”. Are you ready to see our doll Fixer Upper?

Welcome to the doll office, a inviting place that’s perfect for dreaming up new ideas or finishing a little homework.

Joanna is adding a few finishing touches to the unique wooden desk, which was custom-made by her friend, Clint.

Look who’s here to help Jo Jo! Chip is so cheerful and animated. I don’t think the show would be quite the same without his goofy personality!

“Alright, how’s this? Does it need to be a little higher?”

“Hmm… right there. I think that’s perfect, Chip.”

“Ok then, I’m going to pass you the baton, Jo. Do your thing!”

“Oh, Chip! Thank you, Design Assistant.”

To watch the stop-motion episode created by DollBaker24, visit our Youtube Channel (Doll Days Youtube) or click HERE.

I'm glad you stopped by for today's edition of Doll Fixer Upper, and we hope to see you around the doll office again soon.

Chip and Jo say farewell from Waco!

-AG Doll Crafter

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