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Lottie and The Love Birds - A Valentine Photo Story


They can be mean, nasty, and sometimes just plain ugly. How do I know this to be true? Well, growing up right next to my Uncle Zuckerman’s farm has provided me with lots of experience around these feathery (and ferocious) creatures! But let me tell you right now, I’ll never judge another rooster again since I met Willie.

Willie came into this world last spring and hatched right here on the farm. Now, we didn’t plan on keeping any roosters this time around, but Willie was such cute and fluffy little stinker, I couldn’t help but talk Uncle Zuckerman into letting him stay. Right then and there, I decided to take Willie under my wing and raise him to be a kind and calm rooster— and now that he’s grown as leader of the flock, I’d say we get along just fine.

But yesterday for the very first time, I wasn’t so sure.

I’d been spending the afternoon in my happy place- our backyard garden. Whenever I’m stuck on a problem or caught up in one of my daydreams, I’ll often find myself here, whispering to the marigolds and caring for the herbs.

Sunlight peeked through the trees and spilled on the warm grass. I breathed in the scent of fresh, natural earth as I dug deeper with my shovel. Ahhh. Days like these make me thankful for farm life.

CLUCK, cluck, cluck, cluck cluck!

The sudden chatter of chickens jerked me around. Willie?! And there behind him stood our hens Sally, Rhonda, and Queenie!

“Oh, Avery!” I shook my head disdainfully. That little brother of mine never took his farm chores seriously, which led me to the conclusion that the door of the chicken run had been left ajar.

“I guess they can’t do much harm as long as I keep an eye on the herb garden.”

Wagging a finger at Willie playfully, I added, “Once I’m finished here, though, you and the gals are going back to the coop!”

Willie simply cocked his head to the side and answered with a perplexed “Bock BOCK!”, then calmly strutted off to guard his hens.

I couldn’t help but laugh. That rooster sure was something.

The chickens remained peacefully on the other side of the garden while I continued to dig away throughout the afternoon. Uncle Zuckerman always liked to say that every seed was full of opportunity. These small seedlings would one day grow into cheerful zinnias or delicate roses, and I smiled knowing that either one would make somebody happy.

All too soon, the sun’s last rays spread across the garden. It was hard to pull myself away from the enchanting garden, but Mom liked me to be home in time for supper, so I knew I’d best be going. I grabbed a handful of flowers and hoped that they would distract from the fact that I was already ten minutes late!

The chickens seemed to realize that it was time to go, too. I stood by the gate and observed them as they filed out the garden. Queenie, the diva of the bunch, sauntered out dramatically, plump little Rhonda happily waddled along, and Willie…

Wait, where WAS Willie? He and Sally were both nowhere to be found.

Where could they be? Did a predator carry them away? I shook my head.

No, surely not. Taking a deep breath, I cried at the top of my lungs, “Here chickieeeeeeee!” In no time at all, a blur of gold and black feathers shot around from behind a flower pot and appeared at my feet.


“There you are, silly boy! Time to go. Where’s Sally?”

But Willie seemed indifferent, his small beady eyes staring straight through me. I stood stock-still. What was wrong?

Willie crouched down low, feathers up and out.

Oh no. That wasn’t a good sign.

His neck was arched and tense, ready to strike.

WHAT?!! I couldn’t believe what was happening- my sweet rooster was going to attack me!

Suddenly, there was a flap of wings… and surprisingly no pain.

I opened my eyes and felt my muscles loosen. And there went Willie, running off with my wildflower bouquet.

“Well, that beats all,” I said in bewilderment. Coming to my senses, I trotted after him.

Dodging buckets and shovels, I pushed my way through the garden. What came next stopped me right in my tracks.

There stood Sally, waiting patiently under a young cherry tree that Uncle Zuckerman had woven into a heart shape for Valentine’s Day. Willie puffed up proudly as he approached and dropped the flowers at his lady’s feet. Then, as quick as a wink, they gobbled up their dinner of daisies.

I couldn’t help but laugh. So Willie wasn’t going to attack me after all! He just wanted to share something special with his favorite hen, which was in this case my flowers. Who knew roosters were so romantic?

“Alright, you two love birds, now I’m really late for supper.” I waved my hands to herd them out. “Get along now.”

Sally hopped off her perch and Willie stepped aside for her to pass through the gate. What a gentleman! We all started on the trail home.

I looked lovingly down at the little bird I had raised as he walked down the trail. Willie wouldn’t be quite the same if I hadn’t taken him under my wing last spring. I guess roosters can be like people- if you give them a chance, they might just surprise you.

Leaning down, I whispered, “Nicely done.”


I think Willie agreed.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers!

-AG Doll Crafter and Lottie

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