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American Girl Beforever Line Refresh 2019 + Retiring Dolls

It appears that some new changes will be coming to American Girl in 2019, starting with the beloved Historical Characters! Previously advertised as Beforever, the doll line featuring characters from different time periods has received a makeover. Each doll now has her own "logo" of a sort, unique graphic design, and as seen in the picture below, new book covers.

This exclusive photo was shared by American Girl in one of their latest videos, AG Sneak Peek with Karalee. My guess is that these new covers will be swapped with the old ones in the upcoming spring release, or possibly even during the next few weeks!

To access each doll's "meet page", click the arrow under their header on This will lead you to featured artwork and information about each character.

Here's a closer look at the new design, beginning with Maryellen.

Maryellen's new theme is definitely staying true to the 1950s! The color scheme matches her meet dress perfectly.

Ok, this next photo made me flip! Take a look...

This illustration of the Larkin sisters just chillin' in their bedroom is beyond amazing! As you may know I always love to see American Girl artwork, and this is no exception. Carolyn seems so comfy atop the bunkbed, Joan is gorgeous in green, and I'm almost positive that Maryellen is about to share one of her big ideas. I do wish princess Beverly was included, however this is still incredible, nonetheless.

In the second illustration, Maryellen is seen in the classroom with her pal, Angela. And I'm guessing that's Davy behind them? Maybe!

AG was really going for that groovy vibe with Julie! Her design revamp just screams all things 70s. Far out!

Melody's refreshed theme also corresponds well with her meet outfit. And of course, how cute is the trio of singers?

Kaya's "logo" consists of earthy tones. I love how a tepee was incorporated into her name, and the notches in the letters make it appear as tree bark.

Purple is truly Rebecca's color! Her logo matches the fonts used in that day, which is a nice historical touch.

Rebecca's page showcases a new illustration as well.

Last but not least is Nanea Mitchell. Right away, you can see that she is a native Hawaiian! Tropical prints and a bright color scheme contribute to her design.

Upon first glance, I assumed this picture was a new illustration. However, I believe it is featured in an American Girl book released two years ago, titled Pearl Harbor: Real Stories from My Time.

It appears that Samantha, Felicity, Josefina, Addy, and Kit will not be receiving a new look, thus indicating that retirement is on the verge? Their collections have decreased in size considerably, so this is a likely possibility. I'll keep you posted on that!

So, there you have it- our first sneak peek at the transitions coming to American Girl. In all honesty, my first reaction was No! Not more changes! But after studying the logos and browsing through the characters' pages, I think it's a fun idea. Each logo is unique to the doll, and this a genius way to introduce characters to new fans! I'll miss the classic American Girl look as always, but I hope the outcome of this change will be good for the company.

Let's hear what you think! Are you in favor of the new look, or prefer the older themes?

-AG Doll Crafter

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