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My American Girl eBay Find - Kit's Cookstove

My recent eBay find has me reminiscing the good 'ol days of American Girl— you know, when the dolls' collections were huge and each item had a story behind it?

Don't get me wrong, I really do like some of the characters American Girl has debuted in the past years. Yet there's just something about the Historical Characters and the stories told through their collections that makes these dolls even more special. I guess perhaps it's the vision Pleasant Rowland had when she created American Girl, or maybe the research she required for each product.

I've noticed that as this company has progressed, there's been a decline in quality and historical accuracy. Yes, it has me a little disappointed. I would love to see the dolls, collections, and stories today as they were when Pleasant Rowland founded AG! But until then, I have resorted to eBay; I'm always on the lookout for good deals and classic pieces from the earlier days of American Girl.

And a few days ago, I found a great price on one of my all time favorite items— Kit's Cookstove! I can remember seeing this particular piece in the store as a little girl, and my Mom asked if it was something I liked. "Ummmm, not really" was my reply! :P I guess you could say I've learned to appreciate my dolls a little more since then.

Isn't it amazing? There are two little cupboards to store small items. The only thing I found that could fit were several cans of doll tuna fish and peaches, haha!

Kit's Preserves Set was made especially for the kitchen, but even the prices for a used one are outrageous! Instead, I improvised by mixing and matching a few different pieces I had on hand.

Kit has already begun to cook up delicious meals in her new kitchen!

The stovetop was in awesome condition! No obvious scratches or marks were present, and the sticker isn't peeling either.

A small crack is on one corner, and it appears to be repaired by the previous owner. Thankfully, it's not too noticeable.

On the front and right side, there's a little discoloration of the plastic, most likely from storage or fading in sunlight. However, the ivory doors and back frame are metal! I didn't know that when purchasing the cookstove, so it was a nice surprise.

When you open the left door, there is a glowing yellow fire. Grace seems to find her spot under the stove quite cozy!

The right door is either an icebox or an oven— I wasn't quite sure which! :P After looking it over, I'm now pretty sure that an icebox wouldn't be next to the oven though. Whoops, you better get the milk out of there, Kit!

Despite a few minor flaws, I'm very excited to have found Kit's Cookstove on eBay at a great price! You never know what might pop up on there for sale.

Thanks for viewing my fun find!

Have you ever been American Girl shopping on eBay?

-AG Doll Crafter

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