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Doll Hospital Eye Exchange Results

They're back!! Luciana and Lottie arrived home from the doll hospital on the 22nd!

DollBaker24 and I were astonished at how fast the whole process actually was— the dolls have been away for only two weeks! Considering shipping days and the time needed to complete the eye exchange, I expected to receive the dolls next month. But they're here early, and hey, we'll take it! It's good to have Lottie and Luciana back in the dollhouse

Okay, I know all of you are just as eager to see them, so here are the promised pictures!

Hooray, Lottie actually looks at me now! When I opened the box, it amazed me to see how much of a difference the new eyes make. They are still the same color as before, only better quality. Overall, the eye swap has left me pleased and I can't wait to start taking pictures with Lottie again!

But there is a downside to this experience... her hair was a total MESS. The mass amount of fly-aways and frizz aren't shown very well in the pictures, but in person they're noticeable right away. I won't lie— DollBaker24 and I were unpleasantly surprised to have received our dolls like this.

Lottie's waterfall braid is beyond repair on the top of her head, so unfortunately I'll have to take down her meet style before my next photoshoot. Perhaps American Girl could have used a hair net to keep things a little more tidy?

The pink gown was not as high-quality like one from normal doll hospital visits, but that is understandable considering that this procedure was free.

Lottie's Before and After portraits...

And Luciana's! In case you were wondering, her hair was rather frizzy upon return too, so DollBaker24 gave her a quick brush to smooth things out. Right away, I can really tell a difference in Luci's eyes! WOW!

In closing, I would give our free eye exchange experience with American Girl 4 out of 5 stars. The tousled curls was an issue, but after a little hair care, the dolls now look picture perfect! We're glad they're finally back safe and sound.

What are your thoughts on the results of Luci and Lottie's eye exchange?

Also, visit our Youtube channel for a featured video of the hospital experience!


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