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Easter Greetings from Fern

Happy Easter, everyone! Between a rainstorm on Good Friday and overcast skies during Saturday, I nearly missed my chance to share an Easter photoshoot this year. But just in time, God pulled back the clouds to give us the most beautiful Sunday— and I was able to snap a few photos!

Fern and I would like to remind you of something very special as we celebrate this Easter. Spring marks a exciting time of change. It's the season where "old things pass away, and all things become new".

These changes in the world inspire us to start fresh again in life, to see things though a different perspective.

Delicate budding flowers remind us that it is a time of new growth...

While baby animals announce new life in the purest and most gentle way!

Yet, the most extraordinary change is the one that happens right inside of ourselves. This change is only possible because of a loving Savior who died on the cross long ago. By taking upon himself the punishment we deserved, He opened a way for us to transform from a hopeless sinner to a new creation in Christ!

And that is truly the best change of spring.

Happy Easter to all my readers!

-AG Doll Crafter

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