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Camp Materials List - Week 1

Summer On The Farm begins TOMORROW! A week full of crafting and activities await, and if you want a head start on the projects we'll be making, take a look at the materials list for Week 1!

Every Sunday, a list featuring all the materials for the coming week will be posted on the blog, as well as the announcement of the upcoming theme. Are you ready to find out what aspect of farm life we will be exploring first?

Week 1: Animals on the Farm


  • Small bathroom cup

  • Cardstock

  • Grey paint and paintbrush

  • Cotton Balls

  • Communion cups (Dollar General mini party cups) OR doll cups

  • Scissors

  • School glue or hot glue

  • Miniature glass bottles (Optional)


  • Foam Board

  • Xacto knife or cutting tool

  • 1 inch wooden blocks

  • Plastic netting (from fruit bags or potato bags)

  • White clay (air-dry or Sculpey)

  • Scrapbook paper

  • Yellow and red cardstock OR construction paper

  • Paintbrush

  • Brown, blue, and green paint (optional)

  • White, black, or brown large pom poms

  • White, black, or brow, smaller pom poms

  • Googly Eyes OR small, dark beads

  • Paper OR Felt that matches the color of your pom poms

  • Hot glue gun


  • Small wooden crates, boxes, or hay bales

  • String

  • Cardstock

  • Letter stickers OR markers

  • Dowel rods (Optional)

  • Three large buttons

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun OR tape

While the crafts themselves are not yet revealed, each one is inspired by a different animal on the farm. Can you guess which creatures we will be crafting?

Every camper has a story to tell about her adventures away from home. In fact, throughout Summer On The Farm, we will be following a very special camper as she grows in her knowledge of farm life... and friendship!

Penney's Farm Journal

Entry #1

I took a deep breath as I began walking down the overgrown lane, soaking in the simple beauty of my new surroundings. A bright red barn towered before me far off in the distance, and though the building appeared weathered from many years of shelter, it still stood tall and strong. I could hear a rooster’s rumbling crow, while the gentle mooing of cows called to me from the fields. I closed my eyes, breathing in the sweet breeze that swept the scent of apple blossoms all around me. Everything seemed quiet, and yet it wasn’t. I guess I’m just used to hearing the sounds of my busy neighborhood back in the suburbs.

As I glanced up, a spritely red-haired girl dashed wildly towards me from the distant barn; she was waving her arms and shouting gleefully. It was then that I realized what was really happening.

This was it— my first ever summer spent on a farm!

Earlier in the year, my cousin, Blaire, invited me to visit their family’s farm for summer vacation. Blaire and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember, however, since we live nearly 5 hours away from each other, family reunions are few and far between. But thank goodness for emailing! Blaire and I have been pen pals of a sort for several years now. Of course, nothing can ever replace our time spent face-to-face, side by side, doing just the kind of things best friends do. And now I was actually here on the farm for the first time in years, ready to spend a whole month adventuring with my cousin!

“Penneeeeeeey!” My cousin cried as I neared the barn, wearing a smile as bright as sunshine. “Hello!! I can’t believe you’re here!”

She wrapped me in her biggest hug and I giggled.

“I can’t believe it either! Four weeks on the farm together is a dream come true.”

At the mention of the farm, Blaire burst into bubbly conversation, giving me a vivid description about each aspect of her daily life.

“It’s my job to milk the cow each morning,” Blaire explained, gesturing towards the barn. “She can get kinda cranky if you don’t do it just right, but I’ll take Maybelle over Old Matilda any day. She was certainly a cantankerous cow…”

We walked slowly along the lane, Blaire chatting and I listening. It was amazing how much she knew about animals and agriculture! I could already tell that I was going to learn a lot in the coming weeks.

“…And once the spider fell on my head while I was feeding the pigs, but we’ve become friends since then,” concluded Blaire with a happy sigh.

The mention of spiders jerked me out of my thoughts. “Wait, what? I thought you said that you got rid of all the spiders?”

Blaire’s face blushed a rosy pink. She appeared embarrassed. “O-oh, yes, we did, but don’t worry! This one’s special… see, I named her Charlotte—”

“You named it?”

“You know, after Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. She hasn’t spun any words in her web yet, but I have seen her with Wilbur.” Blaire couldn’t help but giggle. “In case you’re wondering, that actually is our pig’s name.”

An icy shiver went down my spine. Spiders! They were so creepy and crawly, with their spindly little legs and sticky webs. Hopefully I wouldn’t have an encounter with this… Charlotte.

Blaire picked up the conversation again as we neared the house, but I still couldn’t shake the thought that itsy bitsy spiders might jump out on me at any moment. Yet after my cousin led me through through the door, past a hallway, and finally up a long flight of stairs, I quickly forgot about my fears.

There before me was a little white door that opened to a soft, bright room. The walls had been newly painted, the room totally remodeled, and at once I knew Blaire had fixed the place up special just for me.

“Oh, Blaire! You didn’t have to do all this!”

Blaire’s eyes sparkled at the mention of my praise.

“I wanted to, really! And besides, this room hasn’t been used for anything but storage. Mom and I cleaned it up for guests, and it seemed only fitting that you were the first to stay here.”

My heart swelled with gratitude for my thoughtful cousin. Blaire had certainly been putting her creativity to use!

“Well, I have to go help Mom with dinner, so I’ll let you unpack.” Blaire turned to go, then stopped short, glanced over shoulder, and shyly said, “I made you a little something. It’s in the top drawer.” Then she swiftly danced downstairs and left me to my luggage.

I let my bags fall gently to the floor and looked around at my home-away-from-home for the next four weeks. A vintage green bed had been placed in one corner with a beautiful old-fashioned quilt spread across. Summer breezes floated through the open window, and a rustic white dresser stood on the right wall, holding many antique knick-knacks.

Slowly walking over and tugging the top drawer open, I gasped at the sight of Blaire’s gift. It was a shirt she had made, the words 'Summer On The Farm' scripted across the front encircled in flowers. On top of the shirt was a stack of handmade stationery, embellished in flowers that Blaire herself had pressed. “To my best friend Penney, something special to remember your first summer at Pleasant View Farm,” read the tag Blaire had slipped in the package.

“Everything is perfect.” Smiling, I hugged the heartfelt gift.

I knew right then and there that was going to be an amazing summer down on the farm.

Farm Finds

  • Barn - Made by AG Doll Crafter

  • Cow and Piglet - American Girl

  • Chickens - Adore Plush on Amazon

  • Penney's outfit and farm tote - Ellie and Rose Boutique on Etsy

  • Penney's bedding - Ellie and Rose Boutique on Etsy

  • Rustic dresser - Hobby Lobby

  • Summer On The Farm Shirt - Elite Doll World on Etsy

  • Stationery Set - Camp Prep Day Craft

Join us on Monday for the first day of Summer On The Farm!

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