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Camp Prep Day - SOTF 2019

In just two days, your doll will be embarking on her very own adventure in agriculture! But is she all packed up and prepared for her stay on the farm? Sometimes choosing the perfect items to bring can be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Not to worry— today we’re going to share several tips and crafts for farm essentials that every doll needs. She’ll be a true farm girl in no time!


Every good farm girl has a that special outfit— you know, the one she wears for a day of hard work and farm chores. But who says you can’t look good while getting the job done? Follow these tips to style a fashionable and functional farm outfit for your doll!

Begin creating your look with a pair of overalls or denim jeans. These are the classic staple of a farm outfit. For a top, soft colors and prints like floral and gingham are a good match. And why not try our exclusive Summer On The Farm T-shirt? It adds the perfect pop of color to any doll’s farm wardrobe! Style your doll’s hair in classic farm do’s such as braids or pigtails to complement the theme.

Shoes are perhaps the most important part of the outfit. Farmers love work boots and rubber boots because of their durability, and they need something comfortable for a long day of walking. Many doll boots come in fun, cheerful colors. If you’re looking for a pair that are adorable and affordable, you might be interested in the Rain Wellies from Sophia’s or the boot sets from Our Generation.

You may think that it’s impossible to accessorize when it comes to farm outfits, but a true farm girl finds a way to combine both the practical and pretty. To create a trendy bandana headband, cut a 20x2 inch strip of fabric and fold in half. Carefully secure the headband around your doll’s head by tying a simple knot or bow to one side, then trim the ends in a triangle shape. This will help keep our doll's hair out of the way as she works.

Hats are also another unique option. You can use doll hats from other outfits (such as this one from American Girl), or make your own using a simple straw hat from Hobby Lobby! Doll hats can be found in the doll section for a great price. Add ribbon or flowers to the hat for extra flair.

A tote bag can come in handy if your doll visits the farmer's market! This fabulous little tote is available from Ellie and Rose Boutique on Etsy, and makes the perfect accessory for a day of home-grown shopping.

With a little creativity and inspiration, your doll will soon look farm fabulous!


Since our dolls are visiting the farm, they will need a special home-away-from-home. You can set up a space for your doll in the corner of your room, inside a dollhouse, or even using a try-fold project board as a colorful backdrop. To make the bed, we followed last year’s tutorial from Doll STEM Camp, but changed a few details here and there for a farmhouse look. Here’s how you can craft it yourself!

1. Cut a 12x9 inch rectangle of foam board, and then cut another rectangle measuring 2x10 inches. Cover the pieces with scrapbook paper.

2.Glue the largest piece on one end of a long box. *Crafter's Tip: Old American Girl Doll Boxes work wonderfully for this craft! Glue the second piece in the middle and on top of the first to make the headboard.

3. Repeat this process with a 7x9 inch rectangle for the footboard to make a farmhouse bed!

For bedding, follow the tutorial shared during STEM Camp, only using different fabrics. But if you’re not one for making cozy doll covers, then you’ll love this pre-made quilt bedding set by Ellie and Rose Boutique!

We’d like to officially welcome Jen of Ellie and Rose Boutique as one of our sponsors for this year’s camp. She has exclusively provided a special bedding set for our campers!

Jen’s one-of-a kind bedding set features one doll quilt, a sunny yellow blanket, and six decorative pillows. With so many adorable details, this bedding set is sure to brighten up any Blaire-themed doll room. Nothings says farmhouse more than a classic quilt bedspread, and Jen's bedding set does not disappoint!

Quantities are limited— don’t forget to stop by Ellie and Rose Boutique for more details.

The bedroom is a place for resting, recharging, and remembering the adventures of the day. Our dolls will want to share those adventures with their friends, so let’s give them an activity that will help them stay in touch with buddies back home.

For this craft, we would like to welcome back Rudy from American Girl Ideas as a SOTF Camp Contributor! Many of our STEM campers may remember Rudy’s incredible craft from last year, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her on the team again.

1. Print out the camp stationery printable provided by American Girl Ideas. Cut out the envelopes and stationery paper.

2. Fold the right and left tabs inward on the dotted lines. Fold the bottom tab inward and secure to the right and left tabs with a glue stick. Fold down the top tab to create a flap for opening the envelope. You can tuck the top flap in the bottom of the envelope so the mail can be opened later, or secure the flap shut with glue.

3. Create a folding card by folding in half the "hello" stationery paper.

4. Write your own messages on the stationery paper, OR “send” the sample letter to your doll’s friends!

Farm Supplies and Props

Now that the dolls are dressed and have unpacked the bedroom, it’s time to set up their own little farm!

There are many things we will be making in camp that you can add to your farm, but here are a few ideas that will give you a jumpstart on your barnyard. Once again, a tri-fold project board works wonderfully as a barn backdrop! These come in many different colors, and you can also cover them with a roll of scrapbook paper.

A good farmer keeps her barn stocked with equipment and materials. Let’s make our dolls a few barn necessities of her own, beginning with a rake.

1. Cut a 12 inch long dowel rod, OR use pre-cut dowel rods found at your local craft store (this is convenient and saves time!).

2. Lay out your popsicle sticks in the order shown above. I am using thick sticks for the base of the rake, as well as the middle support. Five smaller sticks branch out from the base and are attached at each support. Secure all the popsicle sticks with hot glue.

3. Paint the rake any color of your choice, then attach to the dowel with hot glue.

Now if a mess comes your doll’s way (which is bound to happen in a busy barnyard), she can clean it up in no time!

Animals are certainly a big part of farm life, so add a few critters to your scene! Use stuffed animals from around the house like pigs, goats, sheep, and cows for a

moo-velous mix! The images below are linked to several perfectly doll-sized farm animals that can be purchased on Amazon.

Cow Pig Sheep

Since we will have animals in the barn, they’ll need to be fed! Storing sacks full of feed is always good idea.

1. Cut two 7x4 inch squares of burlap or light-colored fabric.

2. Hot glue or sew the edges together, leaving one end open. Remember, always have an adult nearby when working with hot objects! Then turn the sack inside out, then fold over a small portion of the edge.

3. Paint on the label of the feed sack. *Crafter's Tip: Place a piece of cardboard or scrap paper in your sack to prevent any stains.

4. Fill the sack with pillow fluffing or fiber fill, then carefully hot glue the ends shut.

The feed sacks are ready for farmyard storage!

If you’re searching for more props to fill your barn, here’s a little secret: keep an eye out for doll-sized items whenever you go shopping. One of my favorite places to pick out doll-sized items is Hobby Lobby, or Hobby Craft for UK readers. I’ve found props like doll-sized buckets, troughs, hay bales, crates, and so much more! Hobby Lobby always offers a 40% off coupon, so each time I’m there, I try to take advantage of any sales or deals. You never know what you might find!

Whether you complete every craft or just a few, here’s one thing we know to be

true— Summer On The Farm is the camp for you (And your dolls, of course)!

Camp officially begins on June 3rd. This Sunday, a materials list containing all supplies needed for the first week of camp will be posted on the blog, along with our first camp story.

If you complete one of today's crafts, we'd love to see it! Submit your photo to us at to be featured in the Farm Flashback each Sunday!

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