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Celebration Week - DIY Doll Party Planner Supplies

Just because it's our final week at camp doesn't mean that the fun has to end

here— it's time to celebrate at the annual Farm Feast! Or rather... plan the Farm Feast. Every good hostess prepares as much as possible to ensure that her party will be a success, and if our dolls are hosting a celebration of their own, they will need to stay focused as they map out the festivities.

With a party planner clipboard, your doll with be organizing her grand gathering in no time!


  • Paper plate

  • Inner part of a jar lid

  • Scissors

  • Paint and paintbrush

  • Pencil

  • Foam board OR cardboard

  • Small to medium-sized binder clips

  • Xacto Knife or cutting tool

  • Communion cups OR mini plastic cups from

  • Dollar General

  • Party Checklist Printable

Instructions for Clipboard

1. Carefully cut a 2 and 3/4 x 3 and 1/2 rectangle of foam board or cardboard. Paint the piece any color of your choice. Add a little bling using stick-on gems, or decorate the clipboard using wash tape— the possibilities are endless!

2. Clip on your paperclip at the top of the rectangle.

3. Cut out the doll-sized party printables.

4. Attach the lists to the clipboard using the binder clip.

5. For pencils, cut a toothpick or wooden skewer to measure 2 inches in length form the sharp tip. Paint to resemble a pencil.

Instructions for party Plates and Cups

For this craft, we would like to thank Rudy from American Girl Ideas for providing our campers with one of her past tutorials! Rudy’s tutorial featuring doll paper plates was originally shared in July of 2016, however, this craft is so versatile and can be used for nearly any kind of doll party!

1. View in-depth instructions on how to make doll plates in Rudy’s tutorial shared above. *Crafter's Tip: If you do not have a clay tool like the one used in the video, I've found that the end of a paintbrush works just as well!

To make my party plates, I used a large, white paper plate, then painted on variating designs to resemble old-fashioned dinnerware with a modern flair. Repeat the process several times to create an entire dish set for your dolls!

2. To create party cups, paint similar designs on mini plastic cups to match the plates.

While this is a fun way to add a new dinnerware set to your doll collection, remember that you can also use doll plates and cups that you already have on hand to prepare for the party.

Your doll is now officially a member of the party planning team!

Up in the guest bedroom, Blaire and Penney converse about their plans for the upcoming farm feast. Aunt Maggie has trusted them with the tedious job of arranging all the events and items needed to throw the party, but the two cousins are capable and determined!

"Ok... What about the guest list?" Blaire asks, scanning her clipboard.

"Check," Penney replies. "We're just missing the location, decorations, and table settings."

Blaire taps the end of her pencil on her chin. "Alright, so I talked with Cat about hosting the party in the event area near the barn, and most of the of the decorations have already been made... so that leaves us with the cups, plates, and silverware."

"Couldn't we use pretty paper plates? That would make for easy cleanup," Penney suggests.

"Normally, we would," Blaire says, glancing up from her clipboard. "But Mom says she wants the place settings to be unique, like something that represents farm heritage."

"Hmmmm...." Both girls brainstorm for ideas. Deep in thought, Blaire subconsciously begins to tap her foot against the dresser.

Thump, thump, thump, RATTLE!!

"What was that?"

Opening the bottom drawer of the dresser, Blaire uncovers a set of antique china dishes.

"Hey, Penney, look!"

"It's Granny's old dishes! She must have left them here when she moved a few years ago, but I have no idea that Mom stored them up here... Are you thinking the same thing I am?"

Penney gleefully pats Blaire on the back with her clipboard. "Great minds do think alike! And those would be PERFECT. Something vintage to remind us of the farm heritage, but with a little polishing and the right decorations..." Penney stops once more to assess her new idea. "We could give the party a totally different style!"

"Ooh, wonderful!" Blaire agrees. "Kind of like a 'farm fancy' theme."

Satisfied with Blaire's great find, Penney twirls her pencil and checks off the last item on her list.

Cups, plates, and silverware.


One amazing "farm fancy" party?

Double check!

Farm Finds

  • Penney's outfit - Camp Value Set from Elite Doll World

  • Blaire's outfit - Top (Camp Value Set from Elite Doll World), Bottoms (American Girl)

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